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FSC certification
December Mon , 2023

As governments, enterprises and consumers pay more and more attention to the protection of forest resources, many governments are increasingly recognizing the positive significance of forest certification, and more and more governments are choosing FSC products for the procurement of timber and other related products; enterprises are prompted to use FSC certified products for the sake of social and public obligations, and for the purpose of improving the image of the enterprises, and at the same time, with the improvement of consumers' standard of living and environmental protection awareness, more and more enterprises are prompted to use FSC certified products.

So what is FSC ? What are the categories ?

FSC(Forest Stewardship Council):The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), is a non-governmental, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting socially responsible forest management worldwide. Founded in 1993, it was initiated by an international group of people who wanted to stop the destruction of forests.FSC is intended to complement, not replace, other initiatives that support responsible forest management globally.

FSC Certified Raw Material: refers to raw material from forests that are FSC certified.

Non-FSC certified raw materials (controlled wood):Refers to forests from which no FSC certification has been obtained but which have been assessed as legal by the FSC certification body.

I. FSC product categories

① FSC-100% (pure FSC product): the wood-related raw materials in the finished product are all sourced from FSC-certified forests;

② FSC-MIX 70% or more (mixed FSC product): means that more than 70% of the wood-related raw materials in the finished product come from FSC certified forests;

③ FSC-MIX CREDIT (mixed FSC products): means that less than 70% of the wood-related raw materials in the finished product come from FSC-certified forests;

FSC-RECYCLED (recycled FSC products): means that all wood-related raw materials in the finished product are recycled (including recycled before use and recycled after use).


II. Types of FSC certification

FSC forest certification, including FM forest management certification and COC chain of custody certification.

Fm Forest Management Certification

Also known as Forest Sustainable Management Certification or FSC Forest Certification, it is for forest management units, by an independent third-party FSC forest certification body based on the developed forest management standards. In accordance with recognized principles and standards, forest management performance is audited to prove that it meets the requirements of sustainable management.

COC Chain of Custody Certification

Chain-of-custody certification is the identification of the various production stages of a wood-processing company, including the entire chain from the transportation and processing of logs to their distribution, to ensure that the final product originates from a certified well-managed forest.

With FSC certification, companies have the right to mark their products with the name and trademark of the certification system, known as the Forest Stewardship Certification (FSC) label.


III. Use of the FSC trademark

1. FSC label can be used on or outside the product, but must be applied to the FSC website: www.info.fsc.org and the certification body for the use of the FSC label, the label has a specified size, dimensions, colors, fonts and so on;

2. Before using the FSC label, you must apply to SGS and keep the application email, which is to be viewed during the SGS audit.

In today's world, the concept of environmental protection has penetrated into the commercial economy and products, in which the environmental protection certification related to packaging and products made of wood and paper is the most well-known FSC certification!

XCGS's paper packaging has passed the FSC forest sustainability certification, with pure paper as raw material, recyclable after disposal, so that it originates from nature and returns to nature.


                    Biodegradable Honeycomb Padded Envelopes                         Biodegradable Corrugated Padded Envelopes                                        Biodegradable Paper Shopping Bags

XCGS actively responds to the sustainable development strategy, in order to reduce plastic pollution and at the same time meet the diverse needs of consumers, design and produce a variety of paper packaging bags, a variety of styles, can be customized, has been widely used in express logistics, e-commerce platforms, retail daily necessities and other industries.

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