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  • The preferred partner for precision products, electronic products, and food and pharmaceutical fields.
July Mon , 2024
  • Honeycomb paper, which has gradually emerged in people's vision with its unique characteristics and infinite potential.
June Thu , 2024
  • The 25KG aluminum-plastic heavy bag, with its excellent performance, has quickly become a popular choice for industrial packaging.
June Wed , 2024
  • The editor will introduce in detail the concept of thermal conductivity and the factors that affect it, to help everyone choose the right insulation materials.
May Thu , 2024
  • To understand the working principle of the insulation materials, help us to better choose the type of insulation materials and develop more efficient construction methods.
May Mon , 2024
  • In recent years, with the rapid development of e-commerce, consumer demand is becoming increasingly diversified, the phenomenon of over-packaging "recurrence", the pattern is constantly renovated. Excessive packaging not only brings trouble to consumers, but also hinders the country's practice of environmental protection and green development.
April Tue , 2024
  • XCGS has officially launched OA/HR/CRM system, upgraded ERP, comprehensively transformed to digital management mode, and opened a new chapter of the XCGS's intelligent construction.
April Mon , 2024
  • The China Heat Insulation and Thermal Insulation Materials Market Research Report clearly points out that building heat insulation and thermal insulation materials are the key to enhancing energy efficiency and improving the living environment and functionality.
February Mon , 2024
  • Gravure printing has a persistent problem of poor drying due to the thicker ink layer.
January Fri , 2024
  • FSC certified product categories, types of certification, use of trademarks.
December Mon , 2023
  • The daily output of FIBC bags can be up to 120,000 pieces, and the daily output of heavy bags can be up to 50,000 pieces.
December Mon , 2023
  • FIBC bags have many advantages over containers, such as light weight, flexibility, ease of operation, less floor space, and cheaper prices.
December Mon , 2023
  • Protects high-grade chemicals from static electricity, humidity, temperature, etc.
November Sun , 2023
  • Insulation, fire protection, cost savings, noise and sound insulation, mold and pest resistance, vapor barrier.
November Mon , 2023
  • Anti-static aluminum foil bag material structure, customizable style, functional characteristics.
November Wed , 2023
  • The 7 major factors that affect the heat sealing strength of anti-static aluminum foil bags.
November Wed , 2023
  • What are the sizes of ton bags?
  • Can ton bags be stored outdoors?
  • What is a U-shaped panel bag?
  • What is a four-panel bag?
October Tue , 2023
  • Analyze the material, advantages and precautions for use to get the answer.
October Mon , 2023
  • In the event of a fire, XCGS Aluminum Foil Insulation can provide valuable time for evacuation.
October Sat , 2023
  • Quiet and comfortable indoor living has become a rigid need for almost everyone.
September Tue , 2023
September Mon , 2023
  • This is due to the phenomenon of anti-static liquid oozing out caused by improper storage.
September Mon , 2023
  • Choose quality wall insulation to build a relatively healthy home living environment.
September Mon , 2023
  • Retrofitting buildings with insulation is an important climate change mitigation strategy.
August Mon , 2023
  • Energy saving and emission reduction is a social mission in the current environment.
August Mon , 2023
  • Choose the right insulation to stay away from the dangers of fire.
August Mon , 2023
  • ESD Packaging, Express Packaging, Insulation Materials, Full Biodegradable Packaging and FIBC packaging.
August Mon , 2023
  • How do packaging manufacturers ensure the high quality of industrial bags?
July Mon , 2023
  • Explain why there is such a big difference in the price of the container bag.
July Mon , 2023
  • Learn how to choose a high-quality bag is crucial to guaranteeing the safety of your products.
July Mon , 2023
  • The causes of aging of ton bags and ways to alleviate this.
July Mon , 2023
  • This article will help you distinguish between aluminum foil bags and aluminium plated bags.
June Mon , 2023
  • Production Process of Anti-static Aluminum Foil Bags
June Mon , 2023
  • Choose the suitable antistatic bags can avoid ESD damage effectively.
June Mon , 2023
  • Operation Method of how to fill, load, store and unload ton bag.
May Tue , 2023
  • International market has its own strict standards for container bags.
  • Technical Requirements for Container Bags.
  • The container bag is widely used for bulk materials.
April Mon , 2023
  • Determine its withstand voltage value.
  • The ways to check the quality of esd bags.
April Mon , 2023
  • Aluminum Plastic Ton Bag
  • Woven Cloth Ton Bag
  • Anti Static/Conductive Ton Bag
  • Inner Tie Ton Bag
March Fri , 2023
  • 1. The origin of ton bags
  • 2. Different types of ton bags.
February Wed , 2023
  • The development of New energy and industrial packaging.
  • Different bag types with different advantages.
February Wed , 2023
  • What are the forms of anti-static shielding materials?
January Mon , 2023
  • What is a ton bag?
  • The origin of ton bags?
  • What is the function of the ton bag?
January Fri , 2023
  • Happy Chinese New Year!
January Thu , 2023
  • What is anti-static shielding bag?
  • How did the anti-static shielding bag come about?
  • What is the function of the anti-static shielding bag?
January Wed , 2023
  • Different types of anti-static packaging.
January Wed , 2023
  • Come here and know more about me——XCGS Anti-static Shielding Bags
January Mon , 2023
  • What are the categories of anti-static general packaging?
  • What material is used for anti-static general packaging?
  • What is the general resistance value and application range of anti-static general packaging?
December Thu , 2022
  • Good packaging can make your gift more thoughtful!
  • Beautiful packaging makes the person who receives your gift more moved!
December Wed , 2022
  • High precision products require professional anti-static packaging
  • XCGS, a professional anti-static packaging manufacturer.
  • Reliable quality, advanced equipment, rich experience.
December Mon , 2022
  • Know more about XCGS Anti-static Series.
December Wed , 2022
  • New Arrival Express Packaging Design!
  • Which one is your favorite?
December Mon , 2022
  • Reject excessive packaging, promote green environmental protection packaging.
December Wed , 2022
  • What are "carbon peaking" and "carbon neutrality"?
  • Why put forward the goals of "carbon peaking" and "carbon neutrality"?
  • What can we do for "carbon peaking" and "carbon neutrality"?
December Mon , 2022
  • What are the categories of fully degradable express packaging bags?
  • What are the properties of fully degradable courier bags?
  • What is the full degradation standard?
November Wed , 2022
  • The Express Packaging in Ancient Times.
  • Extended Development of Paper Packaging.
  • XCGS Paper Packaging Series.
November Mon , 2022
  • The "Black Technology" of Zongye Express Bag.
  • XCGS New Production of Honeycomb Kraft Paper Roll.
November Wed , 2022
  • The classification of bubble shipping package mailers.
  • The ways to judge the quality of bubble express packaging bags.
November Mon , 2022
  • Most Popular Designs of XCGS Packaging Bags in 2022.
  • New Packaging Bags Design Specially For the Coming Year of Rabbit.
November Wed , 2022
  • The express bag is not a universal bag. It is necessary to adjust the relevant performance of the bag according to the different climates of various regions.
November Mon , 2022
  • ​Personalized packaging requires customized design according to product characteristics.
November Wed , 2022
  • Degradable materials refer to materials that meet the requirements of degradable specifications
November Mon , 2022
  • Honeycomb paper lining using hexagonal edge three-dimensional honeycomb shape to absorb most of the impact vibration, so as to achieve the effect of cushioning shock absorption, to protect the product from damage
November Wed , 2022
  • Fully biodegradable bags have good biodegradability and can be completely degraded by microorganisms in nature under specific conditions after use, eventually generating carbon dioxide and water without polluting the environment.
October Mon , 2022
  • 1.Strong mechanical properties, strong puncture and tear resistance
  • 2.Strong air barrier performance, anti-oxidation, waterproof and moisture-proof;
  • 3.Can be anti-static
October Wed , 2022
  • Puncture resistance is an important property of aluminum foil bag packaging.
  • The puncture resistance can be improved by adding an intermediate layer or thickening the material structure of the intermediate layer.
October Mon , 2022
  • The ton bag has a long history, and it has developed very maturely according to the actual packaging needs of the goods.
October Wed , 2022
  • 7 common types of ton bags
October Mon , 2022
  • Heavy bag is a kind of packaging for shipping bulk materials.
October Wed , 2022
  • General definition of 20-50kg bags for heavy bags
  • Aluminum plastic heavy bag is more superior to traditional heavy bag
October Mon , 2022
  • The regular size of ton bag
  • The applicable industries of ton bag
  • Aluminum foil ton bag
September Wed , 2022
  • Three layer of aluminum foil ton bag.
  • Compared to traditional woven fabric ton bags, aluminum foil ton bags have many advantages.
  • Notes of ton bags and container bags in the loading and unloading transport operations.
September Mon , 2022
  • I am a little bee, today I also hard work to collect honey as usual and then take a nap, but after waking up something amazing happened...
September Fri , 2022
  • I am a little bee, today I also hard work to collect honey as usual and then take a nap, but after waking up something amazing happened...
September Wed , 2022
  • The country has introduced "plastic ban" related regulations and measures
  • Governance of "white pollution" and environmental protection can not be delayed
  • China makes breakthrough in coal chemical degradable plastics
  • Biodegradable materials can replace traditional disposable plastic products
September Tue , 2022
  • Electrostatic hazards should not be underestimated
  • How to choose anti-static packaging for chemicals
  • Chemical industry electrostatic protection tips:
September Mon , 2022
  • Mask with aluminum foil bags
  • Other items with aluminum foil bags
  • XCGS aluminum foil bags
September Thu , 2022
  • Static electricity is everywhere
  • What is static electricity
  • How is static electricity produced?
September Tue , 2022
  • Clarify the properties of goods
  • Clarify the product transportation environment
  • Determine the packaging method and material
  • Packaging design
  • Packaging sample testing
September Wed , 2022
  • Classification of anti-static materials
  • The principle of anti-static protection
  • Classification of anti-static packaging
August Wed , 2022
  • Using paper instead of plastic, protecting the environment.
August Fri , 2022
  • What is new eco-friendly heat insulation material?
  • What is the special feature of this material?
  • Where do they typically get used?
July Wed , 2022
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Strong and difficult to break
  • Excellent flexibility, unrestricted product use, and ample package
  • Good sealing performance and adhesion
July Wed , 2022
  • Assembly unitization is a technique of operation
  • Many kinds to cope with various items
  • we can also personalize anything you desire!
July Wed , 2022
  • China packing container expo
  • Global semiconductor industry expo
  • 2021 international packaging products & materials expo
  • Shanghai world of packaging (swop) 2021
June Thu , 2022
  • Our planet needs sustainable packaging solutions
  • More and more countries are introducing decrees
  • Sustainable use is more important
June Thu , 2022
  • The market has more choices
  • The packaging is more environmentally friendly
  • A variety of pure paper cushioning protective-packaging
June Thu , 2022
  • Pipe insulation--Safe and environmental friendly
  • Building thermal insulation--non-toxic and harmless
  • Everyday packaging--Cooling and heat preservation
June Thu , 2022
  • New Product Express, are you ready?
  • New paper bubble bag cushioning shock absorption packaging
  • Composting direct degradation, 0 pollution says it all
June Thu , 2022
  • Containerization unitization
  • Containers and pallets
  • large loading volume and weight
June Thu , 2022
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