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XCGS aiming to provide customers with local procurement and offsite fast delivery service.
Suzhou Factory, China
East China manufacture branch
Suzhou Factory, China
East China manufacture branch
Wuhan Factory,China
Central China manufacture branch
Chengdu Factory,China
Southwest China manufacture branch
Tianjin Factory,China
North China manufacture branch
Huizhou Factory,China
South China manufacture branch
Dongguan Factory,China
South China manufacture branch
Suzhou Factory, China
East China manufacture branch

Choose XCGS

Choose Good Quality
XCGS aiming to provide customers with local procurement and offsite fast delivery service.
7 Factories
Production Base
0 Factories
Production Line
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Patents & Certifications
Workshop Display
Efficient and Safe XCGS Workshops

XCGS has 70,000m² production workshops with more than 150 production lines.

The workshops are divided according to product categories, such as express packaging workshop, ESD packaging workshop,FIBC packaging workshop, etc.

All workshops are equipped with central air conditioning, air evolution function, exhaust system and other hardware facilities.

Film blowing workshop
Coating workshop
Printing workshop
Bag-making workshop
Certifications Display
Trustworthy XCGS Quality with Patents and Certifications
As a high-tech enterprise, XCGS obtains QS certification and owns 82 independent patents, 2 international patents and 3 registered trademarks.

XCGS has implemented the standard requirements of ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and standardization of safety production led by SGS.

XCGS has also passed the international authoritative testing certification such as EU EN13432 and US ASTM D6400.

Patents and Certifications

Authoritative Certification

XCGS is trustworthy
GLOBAL Recycled Standard
Technische Überwachungs Vereine
ISO14001 & ISO9001
SGS International Certification
Australian Testing Agency Certification
Best-selling Packagings of XCGS
One-to-one High-end Customization

According to the customer's needs, we design the packaging structure and pattern.

To satisfy the vast range of demands of our clients, we have a global sales network with quick response times and short delivery windows.

Trusted by Thousands of Customers
Perfectly fulfilled all my customization requests, I am very satisfied.
Goods quality. We have purchased from this manufacturer many times.
Excellent craftsmanship. Strong and durable.
With multiple layers of packaging, very satisfied.
Excellent craftsmanship. Strong and durable, good load-bearing performance.
Really good supplier, you can trust!
The shockproof effect is good,the goods are not damaged.
About XCGS
Bringing Quality Packaging to Life
XCGS's headquarter office building covering an area of 40 acres, with a building area of 100,000 square meters

(including 25,000 square meters modern scientific research buildin).

With more than 1,000 employees, it has an independent R&D and testing center, equipped with 20+ sets of testing equipment.

The internal facilities are perfect, creating a multi-functional space integrating work and leisure.

Recreation area
Office area
Showroom area
Fitness area
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The preferred partner for precision products, electronic products, and food and pharmaceutical fields.
July Mon , 2024
Honeycomb paper, which has gradually emerged in people's vision with its unique characteristics and infinite potential.
June Thu , 2024
The 25KG aluminum-plastic heavy bag, with its excellent performance, has quickly become a popular choice for industrial packaging.
June Wed , 2024
The editor will introduce in detail the concept of thermal conductivity and the factors that affect it, to help everyone choose the right insulation materials.
May Thu , 2024
To understand the working principle of the insulation materials, help us to better choose the type of insulation materials and develop more efficient construction methods.
May Mon , 2024
In recent years, with the rapid development of e-commerce, consumer demand is becoming increasingly diversified, the phenomenon of over-packaging "recurrence", the pattern is constantly renovated. Excessive packaging not only brings trouble to consumers, but also hinders the country's practice of environmental protection and green development.
April Tue , 2024
XCGS has officially launched OA/HR/CRM system, upgraded ERP, comprehensively transformed to digital management mode, and opened a new chapter of the XCGS's intelligent construction.
April Mon , 2024
The China Heat Insulation and Thermal Insulation Materials Market Research Report clearly points out that building heat insulation and thermal insulation materials are the key to enhancing energy efficiency and improving the living environment and functionality.
February Mon , 2024
Gravure printing has a persistent problem of poor drying due to the thicker ink layer.
January Fri , 2024
FSC certified product categories, types of certification, use of trademarks.
December Mon , 2023
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