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Digital Factory Technology in Smart Manufacturing
April Mon , 2024

In the information age, the manufacturing industry in the era of big data in order to adapt to the times, to carry out digital transformation, through the intelligent to improve the factory production process, the so-called intelligent factory also came about. Intelligent factory is the application of digital in the manufacturing industry, based on the actual factory, the establishment of virtual simulation model, for feedback and prediction of the actual factory process and effective digital management. Intellectualisation has become an inevitable choice for the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. XCGS has stepped into the informationisation road since 2020, and XCGS has officially launched OA/HR/CRM system, upgraded ERP, comprehensively transformed to digital management mode, and opened a new chapter of the XCGS's intelligent construction.


HR system can provide comprehensive solutions in human resource management, helping enterprises to improve work efficiency, reduce costs, ensure data security, improve employee satisfaction, improve compliance, improve data analysis capabilities, and support telecommuting.


CRM customer information management centrally manages customer information, including basic information, purchase records, service history, etc. The CRM system can help sales personnel better track and manage potential customers and improve sales performance through the refined management of the sales process. At the same time, through data analysis, factories can better understand customer needs and behaviours, optimize products and services, and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.CRM system can provide a wealth of data analysis functions, including customer segmentation, purchase behaviour analysis, etc. It helps factories better understand customer needs and behaviours, optimize products and services, and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. CRM system can provide rich data analysis functions, including customer segmentation, purchasing behaviour analysis, etc., which can help factories better understand customer needs and behaviours and formulate more effective management strategies.


ERP system covers all aspects of enterprise production and operation activities, has a complete planning system, optimises the enterprise management process, changes the information lag, and enhances the modernisation of enterprise management tools. ERP system can optimise the production planning and production execution process, through real-time data analysis and feedback, to help enterprises better grasp the production schedule and production quality. At the same time, ERP system can also help enterprises to realise the automation and intelligence of production equipment, improve production efficiency and product quality.


Through the application of various intelligent systems and the use of modern technology, XCGS Intelligent Factory realises the automation of office, management and production of the factory, so as to strengthen and regulate the management of the enterprise, reduce the work errors, plug all kinds of loopholes, improve the work efficiency, carry out the safe production, provide the reference for decision-making, strengthen the external contact and expand the international market.

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