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Do you really understand the new environmental protection insulation material?
June Thu , 2022

New environmental protection heat insulation material--real material and patent

It is designed with composite sandwich structure, the inner and outer layers are aluminum foil multi-layer composite material, and the middle layer is PE polyethylene air bubble/XPE foam, which makes the product have good barrier and heat insulation effect.

What is the special feature of this material?

Excellent barrier performance, moisture-proof and heat insulation, good insulation, heat reflection and heat insulation, even if the heat passes through the inner layer of aluminum foil layer to reach the middle layer of PE airbag layer, it will form heat convection in the middle layer, not easy to penetrate the outermost layer of aluminum foil layer, so as to achieve the expected effect.

Where are they generally used?

It is widely used not only in pipeline construction and housing construction, but also in the field of people's livelihood, and it is still being developed and upgraded, aiming to better solve the product needs for customers.

· Pipe insulation--Safe and environmental friendly, economical and practical

The new heat insulation material developed by Star is a major technical breakthrough and change in the field of domestic energy-saving heat insulation materials, which is dust-free, chip-free, non-toxic and tasteless, and will not cause any damage to the body of the builder.

It has low thermal conductivity, high thermal resistance coefficient R value and high reflectivity. After the test of pipeline insulation sample project in many places in China, it has the ability to realize the average temperature drop of 6°-10° for pipeline transportation, realize the efficiency of heat network increase by more than 5%, and reduce the investment cost of pipeline network by 5% on average.

· Building thermal insulation--non-toxic and harmless, energy saving and consumption reduction

In order to solve the discomfort caused by fiberglass and foam materials on the market and the harm caused by the environment, and at the same time to achieve energy saving and consumption reduction, Centron Group has developed energy-saving insulation materials suitable for building construction.

The thermal insulation of building construction should not only take into account the winter insulation, but also take into account the hot summer, blocking the outdoor high temperature heat, the material is flame retardant and fireproof, and has the characteristics of low thermal conductivity, high thermal resistance and high reflectivity in thermal insulation performance; anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion and durable.

· Everyday packaging--Cooling and heat preservation, long-lasting protection

Thermal insulation bags are very common in daily life, for example, in the take-away industry, the material can be made into thermal insulation bags, with an average thermal insulation/cooling time of 5 hours, so that you can drink hot milk tea in winter and eat cold drinks in summer; in chilled logistics, the material can be used as packaging liner, which can play a role in preserving fresh/frozen food, flowers, wine, etc.; in international transportation, the use of Star container liner can not only In international transportation, the use of Centron container liner not only can realize the requirement of heat preservation performance in international shipping, but also has the function of shockproof cushioning to protect the goods from damage.

The energy-saving insulation material of Centron Group was awarded the patent of invention in 2009, the highest fireproof level certification of AWTA in Australia in 2013, and many international certifications.

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