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Do you know FIBC packaging?
July Wed , 2022

Assembly unitization is a technique of operation proposed by the logistics industry to streamline logistics processes and save logistics costs. Assembly containers are often the most widely used containers and pallets, able to load the bulk of daily supplies. However, it will be challenging to load containers and pallets with powder, granular, and other unique types of materials. To address this issue, a collection of bags was created. The transportation needs for these various powders, granules, and other unique materials vary, and the quantity is quite large, so the container bag is required, and it must take into account the weight of the seal and comfortable shipping.


Container bags, also referred to as ton bags, can load volume and weight and have a light weight that makes them foldable and simple to use. However, because different materials have different requirements, there are numerous categories of ton bags and different materials have different requirements.

Another type of packing for delivering bulk items is known in the industry as "heavy bags," and these bags typically weigh 10 to 50 kg. Aluminum-plastic composite heavy bags and PE heavy bags are two of the most popular.

Many kinds to cope with various items

hefty bag made of aluminum-plastic composite

The material is typically chosen from aluminum-plastic composite, aluminum-plated composite, and may be customized with zippers, partial matte, hot stamping, and other diverse unique processes according on the qualities of the materials that were sent. A distinctive design, a fresh printing technique, highlighting the pattern design and trademark impact, the ability to develop a specific trademark or pattern, a strong deterrent against copying, and a different effect may all be used to great success. Apply to substances like chemicals, dirt, coffee beans, and other goods.

PE heavy bag

Together, PE heavy packaging bags and FFS bags represent a recent invention in the packaging business that combines high-speed packaging technology with great packing efficiency and cheap cost. In comparison to plastic woven bags, it has a unique raw material ratio, higher environmental protection, ease of recycling, and compliance with international green packaging standards. It is usually used with raw chemical compounds, resins, raw materials for engineering, and other goods.

Aluminum FIBC bag

Also known as chemical packaging, lithium battery packaging, aluminum-plastic composite liner packaging, and packaging for novel energy materials.

· Product advantages.

(1) Has the ability to be vacuumed and is anti-static, anti-oxidant, waterproof, moisture-proof, and leak-proof, as well as heat-insulating, oxygen barrier, and light blocking.

(2) conforms to food and medication packaging hygiene requirements by being non-toxic and odorless.

(3) High plasticity, softness, and good heat sealability.

· Applications.

(1) Materials for new energy batteries, such as electrode powder.

(2) Chemical fiber products, raw materials for chemical plastic, etc.

(3) Military goods, heavy machinery, and other such items.

(4) Electronic parts, high-purity metals, etc.

Bag made of woven material

The most common form of ton bag is made of woven cloth, and it is typically used to load and carry non-flammable products. Depending on the type of material and shipping needs, you may need to pick between U-shaped, cone-shaped, or leak-proof ton bags.

Anti-static, conductive ton bag

As the name suggests, this ton bag's characteristics include effectively removing static electricity produced during loading and unloading, preventing the occurrence of combustion and explosion, as well as other dangers. It is typically used in the packaging of chemicals, medications, and other dangerous goods.

Tension bag

The stretch bag's most important characteristic is that it does not deform after loading, which helps to improve the load while also saving storage space and lowering the cost of loading and unloading. As a result, it is appropriate for packaging the bag body requirements to maintain the upright square products.

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