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Honeycomb Packaging Novelty Brought by Bees
August Fri , 2022

    Nature has taught mankind many things, such as people learned radar from bats, anti-counterfeit banknotes from butterfly wings, electronic frog eyes from frogs' eyes, and a solid hexagonal structure from the honeycomb of bees. Bees choose the hexagon with the largest angle as the honeycomb, so that each honeycomb is assembled in a tight and orderly way to protect the bees from laying eggs and hatching out delicate larvae.


    As a result, a new type of cushioning packaging, honeycomb paper, was produced to protect products by drawing on the shape of the honeycomb, thus achieving a safe and stable, shockproof and anti-drop effect.

    The production of honeycomb paper first uses long-fiber conifer processing made of kraft paper, and then the kraft paper honeycomb cut holes, in use when stretching the honeycomb paper, paper extension will make the honeycomb cut holes dislocation into three-dimensional hexagonal honeycomb, these three-dimensional honeycomb will absorb most of the collision vibration, while repeatedly transferring in the adjacent honeycomb to weaken the vibration, so as to play a cushioning protection effect.


    XCGS honeycomb paper bags will be honeycomb paper as the bag liner, full and thick 3D three-dimensional hole-shaped effective shockproof and anti-drop, as a daily courier packaging use, in function can completely replace the traditional plastic bubble.


    XCGS's honeycomb paper and paper bags have passed the FSC forest sustainability certification (wood certification), using pure paper as raw material, which can be recycled or composted to fully degrade after disposal, environmental protection and pollution-free, truly "from nature, back to nature". The implementation of the global ban on plastic, paper instead of plastic is imminent, and the generation of honeycomb paper bags, is undoubtedly to give the industry another better choice.


XCGS produces - all you want is here

    XCGS Group continues to devote itself to the research and development of fully biodegradable modified materials, the popularization and application of products, and the efforts to reduce white pollution. We have professional and independent production lines for paper packaging products, with more than 15 production lines in total. In addition to providing standardized products, we can also design packaging structure and patterns according to customers' functional requirements (support multi-color printing).

    XCGS adheres to the corporate mission of "promoting environmental awareness, making environmental protection packaging everywhere", and is committed to using environmentally friendly materials to truly achieve "from nature to nature". At present, we have a mature honeycomb paper cushion packaging industry line to meet the multi-faceted needs of customers, if you have packaging needs, please contact our customer service or just send us a inquiry!

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