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How Should We Choose Shipping Packaging?
September Wed , 2022

For different products, pick the right packaging solution. The ultimate goal is to minimize packaging costs by selecting different packaging materials, shapes, without affecting the safety of the storage of goods and the aesthetics of the appearance of the case. But the choice is often not so simple to carry out, first we have to consider the first element is product safety, which requires packaging needs to have buffering and protection performance, different products and different storage, transportation methods, buffering protection requirements are different.

These comprehensive factors can help us choose a more comprehensive selection of express packaging, for different products, we can be subdivided into the following steps to match the packaging:

➤ Clarify the properties of goods

Clarify product attributes, which is necessary to determine the type of express packaging. You need to consider whether the product is too large, or fragile, easy to press, or whether with sharp corners, easy to scratch the outer packaging.

  shipping packaging

➤ Clarify the product transportation environment

After clarifying the product attributes, think about the product's transportation environment. The transportation environment includes situations with bumps, temperature and humidity, extrusion, etc. These factors that may bring risks to the product transportation should be listed.

➤ Determine the packaging method and material

After clarifying the product properties and transportation environment, it is time to consider its packaging materials. Too large volume products should be filled with inflatable film after a good internal packaging, external packaging with wrap film for fixed. For fragile and easy to pressure products, in addition to good internal packaging protection, but also can use containing buffer material packaging bags, such as film composite bubble bags, etc. High humidity environment for the transport of products need to choose moisture-proof function bags.

shipping packagingshipping packaging

➤ Packaging design

Packaging design is also a very important part of the courier packaging selection, such as disposable packaging, packaging to facilitate the second courier, packaging that can be degraded, packaging that needs to show the brand content. All of these need to be considered in the design phase of express packaging bags.

how to choose shipping packaginghow to choose shipping packaging

➤ Packaging sample testing

After clarifying the first to fourth step, you can arrange the courier packaging bag prototype test to determine whether it is suitable for product packaging and check whether there is a place need to adjust. After the adjustment of the express packaging, you can arrange a second proof test to confirm whether its cushioning performance is sufficient, does it fit with the product size, is the overall appearance beautiful. So as to get the most suitable express packaging bags for the product. After all the tests are completed, we can arrange for mass production and enter into mass production mode.

Packaging sample testing

XCGS has 20 years experience of packaging and we can provide professional express packaging customization solutions from product express packaging materials to appearance design, R&D, prototyping and testing services. Contact us to learn more!

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