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How to Choose Aluminum Foil Anti-static Packaging for Chemical Products?
September Mon , 2022

In recent years, some companies do not know enough about the hazards of static electricity and static electricity protection measures, so the chemical industry safety accidents caused by static electricity occur often.

Electrostatic hazards should not be underestimated

In the production, storage and transportation of chemicals and other aspects, raw materials and goods will generate a lot of static electricity due to friction, rolling, impact, etc., the harm is mainly reflected in: when the environment of combustible gases, dust to a certain concentration in the production of flammable and explosive hazardous materials, if this time there is a large number of static electricity gathered electrostatic discharge phenomenon, and the energy released by the discharge to reach the minimum ignition energy of combustible materials, it will immediately occur combustion or explosion.

How to choose anti-static packaging for chemicals

It is especially important to choose the right anti-static packaging in the storage and transportation of chemicals, it can reduce the generation of static electricity and accelerate the dissipation of existing static electricity. Here I have compiled a few for you to choose from.

Anti-static aluminum foil heavy bag

Suitable for holding 20-50kg of powder and granular materials, such as engineering plastics, chemical raw materials, various additives, etc.

Anti-static aluminum foil heavy bag

Aluminum foil ton bag

Suitable for 300-1000kg of powder, granular and lumpy materials, such as raw materials for new energy batteries, chemical plastics, high purity metals, etc.

Aluminum foil ton bag

Toner aluminum foil bags

Suitable for encapsulating 80-200g toner, toner and other powder materials, the bag can stand on its own, the opening is easy to tear and can be vacuumed.

Toner aluminum foil bags

The above products can be customized according to actual needs, please contact us through the following phone or email.

Chemical industry electrostatic protection tips:

1. Discharge of human electrostatic: in the storage and transportation of chemical hazardous materials, staff need to wear conductive shoes, conductive work clothes, etc. 

2. Control the concentration of combustible materials: install ventilation devices to reduce the concentration of combustible materials in the air, so that it does not cause accidents.

3. Reduce the generation of static electricity: standardize the loading and unloading of flammable objects, lightly; prevent the mixing of different flammable materials.

4. Make the existing static electricity escape quickly: increase the humidity of the working environment, installation of grounding devices, the use of anti-static packaging, etc.

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