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Introduction and Notes of Aluminum Foil Ton Bag
September Mon , 2022

Aluminum foil ton bag is also known as aluminum composite heavy bag container bag, space bag, aluminum-plastic inner bag. Aluminum foil ton bag sew, process and combine with PP woven fabric outer bag after one or more dry lamination to constitute a certain function of the load-bearing composite packaging.

Aluminum foil ton bag

Aluminum foil ton bag is generally divided into 3 layer: base layer, functional layer and heat seal layer.

The base layer mainly plays the role of aesthetics, printing, moisture barrier, etc.

The functional layer mainly plays the role of barrier, light avoidance, etc., such as VMPET, NY, AL materials.

The heat seal layer is in direct contact with the packaging items and has functions such as adaptability, permeability resistance and good heat sealability.

The common material structure of aluminum foil ton bag is PET/AL/PA/PE, PE/AL/PA/PE, PA/AL/PE, PET/AL/PE, etc., or can be specially customized according to different requirements of customers.

Aluminum foil ton bag

Compared to traditional woven fabric ton bags, aluminum foil ton bags have many advantages:

Woven fabric ton bag

Aluminum foil ton bag



Not anti-static


Higher strength, stronger resistance to drops

High strength, high drop resistance

Not puncture resistant

Puncture resistant

Resistant to low temperature, not to high temperature

Resistant to high and low temperatures

Cannot be stacked in the open for a long time

Can be stacked in the open air

Not UV resistant, easy to age, easy to fade

UV resistant, anti-aging, stable color

Average sealing, moisture-proof, water-proof and dirt-proof performance

Excellent sealing, moisture resistance, water resistance and anti-fouling properties

Products cannot be stored in the bag for a long time

Can make the storage and shelf life of the inner product twice as long

Aluminum foil ton inner bag solves the storage and shipping problems for many years: the internal products are not afraid of rain and sunshine, they can be stacked higher, suitable for long-distance transportation and storage, and can also save storage space.

Aluminum foil ton inner bag

The load-bearing capacity of aluminum foil ton bag is 125-1500kg on average, which is widely used for lumpy, granular or powder material in chemical and new energy industries.

Applicable products: special metal chemical raw materials, chemical modified plastic granules, engineering plastic granules (such as one-step, two-step silane cross-linked cable sheathing material, low smoke and halogen-free), TPU/TPV/PA12/PA46/PA66 nylon and other plastic granules, biodegradable granules, new energy lithium battery positive and negative raw materials (cobalt hydroxide, lithium manganate, lithium iron phosphate and other lithium-ion battery positive and negative electrodes and ternary pre body materials), etc.

It should be noticed that the aluminum foil ton bag needs to consider the physical density and looseness of the internal product in the design process. For the determination of packaging performance, it is necessary to use as close as possible to the products to be loaded by the customer to do the test, as far as possible to make the technical standards to meet the challenges of the market economy.

aluminum foil ton bag

Notes of ton bags and container bags in the loading and unloading transport operations:

1. Do not stand under the container bag in the lifting operation.

2. Please hang the hook in the central part of the sling or sling rope, do not slant hanging, single-sided hanging or slanting hanging bags.

3. Do not rub hook or collide with other objects during operation.

4. Do not pull the sling to the outside in reverse.

5. While using forklift, please do not make the fork contact or tie to the bag body to prevent puncturing the bag.

6. When handling in the workshop, try to use the pallet and avoid using the sling hook with the container bag to shake side to side handling.

7. keep the container bag upright while loading, unloading and stacking.

8.  Do not drag the bags on the ground or concrete.

9. When keep the ton bags outdoors, the ton bag should be placed on the shelf, and must be covered tightly with opaque shed cloth set bag.

10. After using, wrap the bags with paper or opaque shingles and deposit them in a ventilated place.

ton bags

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