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Introduction of Heavy Bag
October Mon , 2022

Heavy bag is a kind of packaging for shipping granular or powdery substances, the weight range of each bag is 10-50KG, the most common is 25kg heavy bag.

There are two kinds of heavy bags widely used in the market: aluminum-plastic composite heavy bags and PE heavy bags.

Part 1

Aluminum-plastic composite heavy bag, also known as pure aluminum middle-sealed folded bag, aluminum foil organ heavy bag, aluminum foil folded heavy bag, aluminum-plastic composite folded bag, aluminum-plastic composite gusset bag, aluminum-plastic composite heavy bag, Aluminum foil composite back-sealed bag, aluminum-plastic composite middle-sealed bag, particle heavy bag, M-type folded color masterbatch heavy bag, etc.

Aluminum Heavy Bag

Aluminum-plastic composite heavy bag is a composite packaging with certain functions that is combined with aluminum film and plastic film through one or more dry composite processes.

The aluminum-plastic composite heavy bag is generally composed of three layers of material films:

The first layer is the surface layer, which can ensure the strength, puncture resistance and slip resistance of the packaging bag within a certain temperature range;

The second layer is the barrier layer, which is usually made of aluminum foil to prevent moisture, light, and oxygen;

The third layer is the heat sealing layer, which has the functions of good adaptability, permeability resistance and heat sealing.

Aluminum Heavy Bag

The material, specification and bag type of aluminum-plastic composite heavy bags can be customized according to the special needs of customers. The following are the common parameters of aluminum foil heavy bags:

Common material structure: 




Common specifications: 





0.18*(420+130) *870MM

In addition to these basic packaging design parameters, the aluminum-plastic composite heavy bag can also be equipped with a zipper,can make special effects such as partial matte and bronzing. The unique design style and new printing process are used to highlight the visual effect of the brand and play a role in publicity and anti-counterfeiting.

Aluminum Heavy Bag

Compared with traditional plastic woven bags, aluminum-plastic composite heavy bags have many advantages:

1) It can be evacuated, with high strength and strong drop resistance;

2) Anti-static, the surface resistance value is between 10^8~10^11Ω ;

3) Three to four layers of composite film, puncture resistance, tear resistance, high temperature resistance (121℃), low temperature resistance (-50℃);

4) Anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging, stable color, anti-oxidation, waterproof and moisture-proof, good heat sealability.

The aluminum-plastic composite heavy bag has excellent performance and is suitable for containing 20-50kg of powder materials, chemical chemical raw materials, plastic raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials, lithium battery positive and negative materials, new energy materials, rubber additives, cable materials, resins, dyes , animal feed, etc.

Part 2

PE heavy bag is the general name of FFS(Film Fill Seal) bag, which is an automatic forming potting bag. FFS is a new high-speed packaging technology developed in Europe, with high packaging efficiency and low cost. It is a high-tech product in the packaging industry.

Compared with plastic woven bags, PE heavy bag have a unique raw material ratio, superior performance and environmental protection, advanced equipment and devices, easy to recycle, and meet the requirements of the fourth type of international environmental protection packaging materials.

The main advantages of PE heavy bags:

1. Can withstand high temperature filling at 70~80℃ and dozens of handling turnover;

2. The surface of the bag is smooth, clean and beautiful, with rich patterns, clear colors, and anti-counterfeiting;

3. Superior sealing, moisture resistance, water resistance and antifouling performance;

4. The formula of the packaging bag is special, it will not soften and deform in case of high temperature, and it will not brittle and break in severe cold;

Aluminum-plastic composite heavy bags and PE heavy bags are the preferred packaging for bulk materials. With the increasing requirements of the society for environmental protection, heavy packaging with environmental protection, beauty and superior performance will develop with the trend, with huge potential.

Aluminum Heavy Bag

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