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Conventional Size And Application Industry of Heavy Bag
October Wed , 2022

Heavy bag is a kind of packaging for shipping bulk materials, packaging category in the 10-50KG bags in the industry called heavy bags. One of the most widely used is 25KG aluminum-plastic composite heavy bags and PE heavy bags.

 Heavy Bags Heavy Bags

Common specifications:

0.16*(420+155)*890MM, 0.15*(420+130)*890MM.



0.18*(420+130)*870MM, etc.

Special customization is also available according to customers' different requirements.

Thickness: ranging from 0.12-0.2MM on one side.

Application range

The application of heavy bag is very wide, suitable for special metal chemical raw materials, chemical modified plastic particles, engineering plastic particles (such as one-step, two-step silane cross-linked cable sheath material, low smoke halogen-free), TPU, TPV, PA12, PA46, PA66 nylon and other plastic particles, biodegradable particles and new energy lithium battery positive and negative raw materials (cobalt hydroxide, lithium manganate, lithium iron phosphate, etc.) lithium-ion battery positive and negative electrodes and ternary precursor materials) and other granular or powdered substances for repackaging.

Hardware and electronicsVarious circuit boards, electronic products, precision machinery parts, consumer goods, industrial products, etc.
Food packagingRice, meat products, aquatic products, preserved food, frozen food, etc.
Pharmaceutical packagingLarge-scale precision machinery and equipment, chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical packaging, etc.

Aluminum foil heavy bag occupies a very important position in industrial packaging, aluminum foil heavy bag vacuum moisture-proof effect is outstanding, strong anti-drop performance, palletizing neatly, suitable for long-distance transport and storage. The products contained are not limited to particles, powders, raw materials, etc. For different products, its production process is also different.

Heavy Bags Aluminum foil heavy bag

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