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What Are the Types of Ton bags?
October Mon , 2022

Ton bag is a large volume flexible packaging container made of soft, foldable adhesive coated fabric, resin processing fabric, interwoven fabric, aluminum foil composite material, etc.. It is mainly used to pack powder and granular materials, such as cereals, beans, dry goods, ore, chemical products, etc. Among them, anti-static aluminum foil ton bags are also suitable for dangerous goods such as calcium carbide.

Although there are various types of ton bags on the market now, but they all have their commonality, there are mainly the following categories:

1. According to the bag shape: mainly cylindrical, square, U-shaped body, rectangular body four kinds.

ton bags shape

2. According to the loading and unloading method: mainly top lifting, bottom lifting, side lifting, forklift type, pallet type, etc.

ton bags unloading method

The picture shows the classification according to the form of sling

3. According to the unloading port: it can be divided into two kinds: with unloading port and without unloading port.

ton bags unloading port

4. According to the bag-making materials: mainly adhesive coated cloth, double warp base cloth, interwoven cloth, composite materials and other assembly bags.

ton bagston bags

5. According to the content of goods: can be divided into bulk goods and small package goods.

bulk goods ton bagssmall package goods ton bag

6. According to the number of times of use: can be divided into one-time use and multiple use.

7. According to the anti-static capacity of the bag: can be divided into A, B, C, D four categories:

Class A ton bag: no special needs, for raw materials with no special requirements for electrostatic protection;

Class B ton bag: breakdown voltage is less than 6 kV, mainly used for MIE (minimum ignition energy) greater than 5mj of raw materials;

Class C ton bag: breakdown voltage less than 6 kV, the grounding resistance of each point on the bag is less than 10 ^ 8 ohm, mainly for MIE less than 5mj of raw materials, in loading and unloading, must be grounded as required;

Class D ton bag: breakdown voltage is less than 6 kV, can be safely in the MIE greater than 0.14mj of flammable gas for non-sparking type static discharge. Mainly used for MIE less than 1mj of powder raw materials.

Aluminum foil ton bag

These are the common types of ton bags, if you want to know more about ton bags and heavy bags, welcome to subscribe us at the bottom~

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