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The Development History of Ton Bag and International Standards
October Wed , 2022

Ton bag, also known as flexible container bag or space bag, is a medium-sized bulk container, mainly  can realize the container unitized transport by crane or forklift. It is convenient to ship bulk powder materials, with large volume, light weight, easy to load and unload, etc., is a common packaging materials.

Aluminum Foil Ton Bag

★The Development History of Ton Bag 

1940s, the initial form of container bag has been produced.By the 1940s to the early 1960s, the container bag made of PVC rubber, used to transport carbon black rubber products. Later gradually improved to form the early modern bulk bag. By the use of polypropylene bags and modern weaving technology, providing a durable and flexible way to package and transport materials.

The rapid development of the container bag industry occurred in the mid-1970s during the oil crisis, driven by the oil-producing countries in the great refining infrastructure, a large number of cement was sent to the Middle East in a steady stream. According to statistics, about 30-50,000 tons of cement per week from Northern Europe, Spain and Italy through the packaging of the container bag export.

By the 1990s, a standardized approach to cargo transport through the container bag was evident. Any material that requires flexible containers, or industries that want to save warehouse storage space, can be used with the container bag to achieve better performance and compact resource management.

Compared with developed countries, the development of China's container bag industry began in the 1980s, later than developed countries. But after the rapid development of the past 20 years, the current production capacity of China's container bag scale has been among the world's leading.

Ton Bags

★The international standard of ton bags 

China's container bag standard implementation is GB/T10454-2000, which is modified on the old standard GB/T 10454-1989. China's container bag standard specifies the classification structure, technical requirements and inspection requirements of the container bag. This standard applies to the volume in the (0.5-2.3) m ^ 3 between the load in the (500-3000) kg between the container bag.

Foreign container bag standards are: British Standard bs6382, Australian Standard as3668-1989, European Standard EN1898-2000, European Container Bag Association standard EFIBCA standard, Japanese Standard jisz1651-1988.Which as3668-1989 quality testing standards refer to the bs6382 standard, the two more similar differences are not significant; EN1898-2000 and EFIBCA standard content is also roughly the same; Japanese standard jiszl651-1988 test items are more similar to China's container bag standard GB/T10454-2000.

These international quality inspection standards for container bags are the production, design and use of container bags for more detailed provisions. Although the general direction of detection is the same, but the performance of the container bag test requirements have subtle differences.

FIBC BagsTon Bag

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