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The Advantages and Applications of Aluminum Foil Bags
October Wed , 2022

Aluminum foil bags, also known as pure aluminum bags, are usually referred to as aluminum-plastic composite vacuum packaging bags, which are made of aluminum film and a variety of plastic film compounded by bag-making machines, generally using a three-layer structure: PET/AL/CPE or four-layer structure: PET/AL/PA/CPE. The common  bag shapes of aluminum foil bag are three-side seal bags, folded edge back seal bags, square bottom aluminum foil bags, aluminum foil set bags, mechanical equipment vacuum bags, etc.

Aluminum foil bag has the following characteristics.

▲Strong mechanical properties, puncture resistance and tear resistance

Aluminum foil packaging bags have a very high puncture resistance, the industry, also known as mechanical strong, not afraid of being punctured by hard things; aluminum foil bags are also very strong in tear resistance, which makes aluminum foil bag packaging can give better protection for products.

▲Strong air barrier performance, anti-oxidation, waterproof and moisture-proof

The aluminum foil bag can guarantee the freshness and original state of the product to the greatest extent under the vacuum state again, because of its good barrier property, which can well block oxygen, light, water vapor and grease, etc.; not only has good fragrance preservation, but also can well circumvent the harm that the product may encounter during the freight journey or use scenario.

▲Can be anti-static

After the anti-static liquid coating process is carried out in the process of making bags again, the whole aluminum foil bags can be made with anti-static effect.

Because of the above special advantages of aluminum foil composite packaging bags, aluminum foil bags are often used in these areas.

▲First, PC boards, IC integrated circuits, optical drives, hard drives, electronic devices, etc., which need to be packaged in aluminum foil bags to prevent moisture and static electricity.

▲Second, medical care products, etc., which need to be protected from light and oxygen, so aluminum foil bags have a very high advantage in these areas.

▲Third, food, generally used to package meat products, aquatic products, preserved meat, frozen food, seasonings, etc.,  to preserve the aroma, quality, taste and color. 

 aluminum foil bag       aluminum heavy bag

aluminum heavy bag      Aluminum Heavy Bags


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