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What's the Difference between Fully Degradable Bags and Degradable Bags?
October Mon , 2022

Nowadays, more customers and consumers begin to care about the environmental protection of plastic bags, and try to learn more about the green degradable plastic bags. But in fact, degradation can be divided into "degradable" and "fully degradable". How to distinguish them? Firstly we need to know what degradable plastic bags and fully degradable plastic bags are.

◆Degradable plastic bags refers to add a certain amount of additives in the plastic production process to make the plastic less stable and easier to degrade in the natural environment. This plastic product can be degraded but not completely. And this petroleum-based products decompose through a chemical reaction not microbial organic decomposition, so it does not completely decompose into organic matter, but instead will break down into tiny pieces into the environment. These microplastics are ingested by animals into the food chain, and eventually can return to human society through the biosphere to cause major problems.

Fully degradable plastic bags

Fully degradable plastic bags mean that plastic bags can be fully degraded into water and carbon dioxide. The main source of this fully degradable material is lactic acid, or PLA which is made of corn, cassava, etc. It has good biodegradability and can be completely degraded by microorganisms in nature under specific conditions after use, eventually generating carbon dioxide and water. It does not pollute the environment and is very beneficial to the protection of the environment, so it is recognized as an environmentally friendly material.

recycling cycle of PLA

After understanding the definition of the two bags, we can learn how to distinguish them.

1. See: The raw materials of fully degradable plastic bags are PLA, PBAT, starch or mineral powder, there will be a special logo on the bag, such as "PBAT + PLA + MD". For degradable plastic bags, raw materials are PE, so there is "PE- HD" on the bag.

  Fully degradable plastic bags      Fully degradable plastic bags

     biodegradable plastic VS fully degradable plastic bags

2. Touch: The feel of degradable plastic bags and fully degradable plastic bags is different due to the different raw materials. Fully degradable plastic bags feel silky soft.

3. Smell: Degradable plastic bags are usually odorless or have plastic smell, but fully degradable plastic bags, especially starch-based bags have a light grain flavor and the material itself will also come with corn, cassava and other fragrance.

4. Burning: Traditional plastic bags will produce black smoke in the burning, while there will be a pungent odor, and finally will leave the burning particles. Fully degradable plastic bags has no thick smoke in the burning, there will be no pungent odor, and finally only organic powder left, which can be decomposed and absorbed.

        biodegradable plastic         Fully degradable plastic   

   biodegradable plastic VS fully degradable plastic bags

5. Price: limited by the material capacity and cost, the price of biological full degradable plastic bags in usually four times even more than the price of the book or more than the traditional plastic bags'.

XCGS commit to the research and development of fully biodegradable modified materials, the popularization of products, the promotion and application, and efforts to reduce white pollution. XCGS has built its own R&D and production base of more than 20,000 square meters, established R&D center, and set up a perfect product testing system and introduced many professional R&D, production and testing equipment. At present, XCGS can manufacture fully biodegradable garbage bags, shopping bags, fresh bags, cling film, coextruded film express bags, buffer bubble bags, winding film, disposable knives and forks, trays, bowl sets, agricultural land film, seedling pots and other products. Our products cover daily life, industrial transportation packaging, agricultural production and other fields, we can help government units, enterprises, families, together to create a green ecological environment.

If you have any needs of fully biodegradable bags, please contact us soon, we are at your service!

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