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How to do packaging personalization?
November Wed , 2022

In this era of personalization of everything, packaging bags are no exception! Now many businesses are working on product packaging. The personalized packaging design can not only attract attention, but also improve the added value of the product. More importantly, it can help companies convey a unique brand image.

So, what are the characteristics of personalized packaging?

★Personalized shape

Nowadays, minimalism is prevalent, consumers and manufacturers are advocating "rejecting excessive packaging", which is both an opportunity and a challenge for packaging design. Many businesses have seized this opportunity to put thought into the packaging shape, so that the packaging and products fit perfectly.

 Personalized shape   Personalized shape

★Style personalization

The first design elements in the product packaging to attract consumers is the pattern and color, the most sensitive visual response to color, which largely determines the success or failure of the packaging design. Personalized packaging design should pursue the simplicity of color style and maximize the potential of color.

 Style personalization    Style personalization

★Material personalization

Unlike the packaging of traditional materials, the packaging of fully degradable environmental protection materials can not only reflect the brand's sense of social responsibility and deepen the goodwill of customers, but also contribute to the green earth.

 Material personalization   Material personalization

★Functional personalization

Incorporating unique functional design in product packaging can definitely make customers impressed by the product and the brand, such as a second sealable courier bag, which can be used directly for a second time in case of needing to return the product, which is both environmentally friendly and practical.

kraft bubble envelopes     kraft padded envelopes

In addition, modern packaging in environmentalism, naturalism, minimalism, etc. have a personalized and wonderful presentation.

▲Environmentalism tendency

Product packaging design should avoid excessive luxury, the use of high-performance packaging materials and processes, focus on environmental protection, so that people, the environment and commodity packaging to achieve a harmonious and unified effect.

For example: fully degradable material courier bags play the role of buffer protection products, while 100% recyclable degradation.

 honeycomb kraft paper bubble mailer   corrugated paper bags

▲ Naturalistic tendency

In today's over-exploitation of resources, naturalism for packaging design has injected a new vitality. Its performance is the design process from material to form, from function to connotation, respect for nature is greatly elevated to an important position.

For example: the use of natural stone and wood texture of the product packaging allows people to instantly create a sense of connection with nature.

 Naturalistic tendency   Naturalistic tendency

▲ Minimalist tendency

Minimalism covers the concepts of "from complexity to simplicity", "low-carbon life" and "sustainable development", etc. More and more people like it, in line with the trend of packaging design.

For example, simple honeycomb paper packaging can not only protect the product, but also highlight the characteristics of the product.

 honeycomb kraft paper roll   honeycomb kraft paper roll

Personalized packaging requires customized design according to product characteristics. XCGS has focused on customized packaging solutions for more than 20 years, providing one-stop service from material development, product design to production, warehousing and distribution at the nearest logistics point. Our rich product lines have become the first choice of many e-commerce platforms, famous service brands and postal logistics companies.

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