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Was there a courier in ancient times? How do they express delivery?
November Mon , 2022

The development of express delivery makes people feel the convenience of life, and they can buy things from all over the world without leaving home. So, how did ancient people teleport things? Was there any courier in ancient times? The answer is of course there is, and they also have all kinds of fancy "express packaging"!

The earliest "express delivery" was the delivery of goods in the Xia and Shang Dynasties, but it was equivalent to a kind of piggybacking. In this case, it is naturally not "fast", and it is incidental, not that there is someone who will deliver things specially for you. And because the transportation distance is generally relatively short, the packaging is also relatively simple, such as bowls tied with hemp rope, food, etc.

twine wrap

During the Zhou Dynasty, there was the earliest "courier". According to the records of "Zhou Li Qiu Guan", among the official positions of the Zhou Dynasty at that time, an official "Xingfu" who was in charge of post and logistics was set up. At that time, the main customer of express delivery was the government, and the task was to be responsible for the exchange of official documents and military information, as well as the transportation of some materials. Since China began to raise silkworms to make silk a long time ago, silk and satin were generally used as packaging materials and were popular among ancient nobles before papermaking.

satin packaging

During the Eastern Han Dynasty, Cai Lun invented papermaking, which made paper, a brilliant packaging material for later generations, appear in front of the world for the first time. At that time, paper was mainly used for convenience, such as paper for medicine and meat wrapping. Paper has become the best choice for couriers.

paper packaging

Even today, paper packaging, a kind of refined packaging made from nature, still shines in the express delivery industry.

The paper packaging is light and foldable, harmless and tasteless, and has received unanimous praise from couriers from ancient times to the present! Not only that, it also has the following unique advantages:

▲1. Wide source of raw materials, low cost, diverse varieties, easy to form mass production.

▲2. Good processing performance, easy compound processing and excellent printing performance.

▲3. It has certain mechanical performance, light weight and good cushioning.

▲4. Good sanitation and safety.

▲5. The waste can be recycled without white pollution.

Paper packaging "comes from nature and belongs to nature", which is particularly important today when vigorously promoting environmental protection policies. Coupled with the maturity of modern technology, paper packaging has also extended from a single kraft paper with various functions, such as shockproof corrugated paper packaging, honeycomb paper packaging, and waterproof kraft paper packaging with waterproof function.

biodegradable paper packaging

The picture shows the corrugated paper packaging (left) and honeycomb paper packaging (right) of XCGS

In the long river of history, the express delivery industry has been evolving, but it has always been a kind of just-needed existence, carrying the important mission of shortening time and space and bringing people closer. As an important part of the express delivery industry, express packaging has a great influence, so it is particularly important to choose the appropriate express packaging. 

XCGS has over 20 years of packaging experience, focusing on personalized packaging solutions, which can meet your various packaging requirements, if necessary, please contact us!

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