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Say no to excessive packaging
December Wed , 2022

excessive packaging

In recent years, some merchants have over-packaged their products in order to improve the "appearance" of their products, which exceeds the normal functional requirements of the packaging, and has led to a series of problems such as inflated product prices, waste of resources, and extravagant trends.

"Excessive packaging" governance has achieved initial results

In September 2022, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Notice on Further Strengthening the Management of Excessive Packaging of Commodities", requiring the strengthening of the entire chain of governance of excessive packaging of commodities.

Judging from the situation of "Double 11" this year, the excessive packaging of express delivery has been alleviated to a certain extent, with less repeated packaging, narrower tapes, and less foam plastics used. However, in the mass express parcels, there are still phenomena such as "big box with small box" and "inflatable film filled with cartons".The "greening" of express packaging cannot be achieved overnight. On the basis of improving the legal standard system, strengthening the government's supervision and policy promotion and guidance, it is necessary to make a group of efforts by express packaging manufacturers, packaging users (e-commerce, express enterprises and consumers, etc.) and recyclers.

What is the basis for judging "excessive packaging"?

▲The "Law on the Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Solid Waste" has been revised and shall come into force as of September 1, 2020. The second paragraph of Article 68 of the law stipulates: Producers and operators shall abide by the mandatory standards that restrict excessive packaging of goods, and avoid excessive packaging. 

▲The new national mandatory standard GB 23350-2021 "Restricting Over Packaging of Commodities, Food and Cosmetic" will be implemented on September 1, 2023, and the No. 1 amendment has been implemented on August 15, 2022.

How to judge "excessive packaging"?

◆1. Number of packaging layers

The number of layers of packaging for grain and its processed products, moon cakes and zongzi should not exceed three layers; other commodities should not exceed four layers. The number of packaging layers here refers to the number of layers of physically detachable packaging that completely wraps the contents; any packaging that is not completely closed is not counted as one-layer packaging, such as a handbag with a gift box.

handle kraft paper shopping bag

◆2. Packaging gap

The new national mandatory standard GB 23350-2021 "Requirements for Restricting Excessive Packaging of Commodities Food and Cosmetics" clearly specifies the necessary space factor and packaging void ratio for food and cosmetics.

Ordinary consumers can identify "excessive packaging" by looking at whether there is too much useless space in the packaging box.

gifts packaging

◆3. Packaging cost

For moon cakes and zongzi worth more than 100 yuan, the packaging cost shall not exceed 15% of the sales price of the product; other commodities shall not exceed 20%. Packaging materials should not use precious metals and mahogany materials.

◆4. Mixed packing requirements

Moon cakes should not be mixed with other products, and rice dumplings should not be mixed with products that exceed their price.

zipper bubble mailer bag

Colorful zipper bubble bags can package cosmetics, towels, socks and other clothing, waterproof and leak-proof, one step in place, easy to carry, and can be recycled.

metallic bubble mailer bags 

Metallic bubble bags are very compatible with electronic product accessories. They are shockproof and drop-resistant, simple and atmospheric, and can also provide cushioning protection.

bubble poly mailer

The big bubble tote bag is very suitable for large winter clothes, snack gift bags and New Year gifts. It is practical and beautiful to carry out.

For excessive packaging, it is necessary to regulate it through legislation, and it is even more necessary to strictly supervise and severely investigate and punish shoddy excessive packaging in the law enforcement process. For all kinds of excessive packaging in which the form is greater than the content, it is necessary to vigorously advocate simple, green, and environmentally friendly consumption concepts, correct the concept of "packaging is the only way to arrange", consciously resist excessive packaging from the consumer side, give feedback to merchants, and avoid excessive packaging. On the one hand, increase the coverage of degradable packaging materials, on the other hand, promote relevant enterprises to improve internal management, and establish a healthy consumption concept on this basis. In this way, it helps to avoid excessive packaging and bring consumption back to the commodity standard. 

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