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The Class on Anti-static General Packaging
December Thu , 2022

In recent years, with the deepening of people's understanding of electrostatic hazards, anti-static packaging has played an increasingly important role. Anti-static packaging is to take a series of measures to prevent electrostatic discharge from causing harm to products and personal safety by reducing or eliminating the frictional charge generated during handling and use of packages, so as to achieve the purpose of protection. At present, anti-static packaging has been widely used in semiconductor materials, new energy battery raw materials, microelectronics products, electrical products, military security, aerospace and other fields. So what are the categories of anti-static packaging? How should we choose?

▼1: What are the categories of anti-static general packaging?

ESD Aluminum Foil BagESD Aluminum Foil BagVacuum, high barrier, puncture resistance, drop resistance
ESD Shielding BagESD Shielding BagShielding signal, cheap price, stable anti-static effect
ESD Aluminized BagESD Aluminized BagGood anti-static function, opaque, moisture-proof, cheap
ESD Nylon BagESD Nylon BagGood vacuum effect, high transparency, easy heat sealing
ESD Black Conductive BagESD Black Conductive BagSoft, elastic, good shading
ESD Grid Conductive BagESD Grid Conductive BagExternally conductive, internally antistatic, soft and elastic

▼2: What material is used for anti-static general packaging?

CategoryMaterialRegular Thickness
ESD Aluminum Foil BagPET(BOPP)/AL/(NY)/CPE0.1mm、0.14mm
ESD Shielding BagAPET/CPP or APET/CPE0.075mm
ESD Aluminized BagVMPET/CPE0.08mm
ESD Nylon BagNY/CPE or PET/NY/CPE0.1mm
ESD Black Conductive BagPE0.04-0.2mm
ESD Grid Conductive BagPE0.05-0.2mm

▼3:What is the general resistance value and application range of anti-static general packaging?

CategoryConventional Resistance ValueApplication range
ESD Aluminum Foil Bag10^(8-11)ΩSemiconductor materials, battery electrode powder, chemical particles, etc.
ESD Shielding Bag10^(8-11)Ω、10^(6-9)ΩPC board, IC integrated circuit, hard disk, electronic components, etc.
ESD Aluminized Bag10^(8-11)ΩSemiconductor materials, chips, electronic components, etc.
ESD Nylon Bag10^(8-11)Ω、10^(8-10)ΩOptical drives, hard drives, semiconductor materials, chips, etc.
ESD Black Conductive Bag10^(4-6)ΩMilitary industry, aviation, network communication, photosensitive equipment, etc.
ESD Grid Conductive Bagoutside:10^(4-6)Ω、inner:10^(8-11)ΩElectronic parts, computer motherboards, communication products, etc.

XCGS anti-static packaging series products have been widely praised in the industry. We have a thousand-level dust-free workshop with more than 150 production lines. We have systematic anti-static packaging series products, and can be customized and printed according to customer requirements. Provide integrated services from design, research and development, production and sales, so that customers can choose the most suitable products for them.

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