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What Are The Bag Types of Anti-static Packaging?
January Wed , 2023

Static electricity, usually generated in the production, assembly, testing, storage, handling and other processes, and accumulate in the human body, instruments, equipment, which leads to people will unknowingly form a discharge path, instantly make electronic components suffer damage, affecting normal use. In contemporary society, people's anti-static awareness of electronic components and other products has been very clear, and clearly understand the need for anti-static packaging to protect products from static electricity. Due to there are many different categories of anti-static packaging and also have a big difference on the bag types, we need to understand the types of anti-static packaging bags in order to choose the most suitable package.


NO1. The bag design

The size and specification of products are various, which requires that more factors should be considered in the design of bag type. Some products need to be able to do vacuum, some need to avoid light, some need to prevent deformation, etc., so bag types diversification can meet the needs of modern products.

 different types

NO2. The daily packaging bag types

In the daily product packaging, anti-static bags can be made in a variety of styles, such as the most conventional flat bag type, self-sealing type, envelope type, three-dimensional four ways type (organ bag), round bottom bag type, etc.


●Flat bag type

Flat bag type         Flat bag type

Self-sealing bag type

Self-sealing bag type       Self-sealing bag type

Envelope bag type

Envelope bag type       Envelope bag type

 Three-dimensional four-way bag

Three-dimensional four-way bag       Three-dimensional four-way bag

Round bottom bag type

Round bottom bag type       Round bottom bag type


NO3. XCGS Anti-static Packaging Products

XCGS focuses on anti-static packaging for more than twenty years, and is committed to providing more detailed packaging solutions for customers. Our series of anti-static packaging can be customized, whether it is flat bags, self-sealing bags, envelope bags or other bag types, we can make design adjustments to provide packaging that precisely matches the product, so that the packaging can achieve the mission of protection and keep the product away from the hazards of static electricity and reach the customer safely.


We have following series:

Anti-static aluminum foil bag series

Anti-static shielding bag series

Anti-static aluminized bag series

Anti-static nylon bag series

Anti-static conductive protection packaging series

Anti-static photoelectric display packaging series

Anti-static buffer packaging series

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