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Something you should know about FIBC Bags -Part 1
January Fri , 2023

Question 1 : What is a ton bag?

Ton bag is a kind of packaging that is convenient for shipping bulk materials,which also known as container bags, space bags, flexible containers,etc. It has the characteristics of large volume, light weight, diversified bag types, easy loading and unloading, etc. It has the advantages of simple structure, light weight, foldable, small space occupation, moisture-proof, dust-proof, radiation-resistant, firm and safe. Due to the convenient handling of large ton bags and high loading and unloading efficiency, it has developed rapidly in recent years.

FIBC ton bag

Question 2 : The origin of ton bags?

Firstly of all, we must understand a noun—container unitization. What is container unitization? The logistics industry has proposed an operation method in order to simplify logistics operations and reduce logistics costs. The main method is to load, unload and transport materials based on container units.If it is to be realized, containers must be used. Generally, containers and pallets are the most commonly used, which can carry most of the daily materials. However, for materials in special forms such as powder and granular, it is difficult for containers and pallets to complete the loading task. In order to solve this problem, ton bags came into being. Due to the different shipping requirements of these special materials such as powder and granular, and the amount of packaging required is very large, the requirements for ton bags are very high, and it is necessary to take into account the load-bearing capacity, sealing strength and convenience of shipment.

At the beginning, ton bags are generally made of woven cloth. Later, due to the various characteristics of the material, the requirements for ton bags are also different, and the material will be different according to the requirements of the materials. As a result, aluminum-plastic ton bags, antistatic/conductive ton bags, and stretch bags have emerged one after another, which can meet the needs of more materials.

Question 3 : What is the function of the ton bag?

Ton bags mainly contain lumpy, granular or powdery goods, and the physical density and looseness of the contents also make a marked difference to the overall result. Its main functions are as follows:

①The ton bag has a long service life and can be used many times. The container bag is woven from high-strength PP wire drawing, which is durable and can be stored and reused.

②The capacity of the ton bag is large, and it can be loaded and unloaded quickly with a forklift, saving labor.

③It can effectively protect the product. Some ton bags materials have rainproof and impervious functions, and they can also prevent moisture when they are filled and placed outdoors.

④ The types of products that can be packaged are less restricted. Whether it is powder or granular products, or bulk products, tons of bags can be packaged.

⑤ It takes up less space, the empty bag can be folded, the volume is small, and the full bag has a large capacity, which saves more space than the small bag.

⑥Easy loading and unloading. There are special lifting rings on the big bag, which is convenient for lifting equipment, loading and unloading.

If you want to know more about tons bags, please look forward to the next article~~~

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