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Anti-static shielding bag—Bag type
January Mon , 2023

Anti-static shielding materials can be made into rolls or bags of various shapes, with a wide range of applications and strong applicability. There are many shapes and sizes of electronic and industrial products, and the various types of anti-static shielding bags can meet the packaging needs of various products, provide electrostatic protection during production and transportation, ensure product quality pass rate, and reduce product damage rate , to save costs for the enterprise.

So what are the forms of anti-static shielding materials?

1. Anti-static shielding film roll

Anti-static shielding film rolls can be cut into different sizes according to customer needs, and processed into various anti-static shielding bags.

shielding film roll       /uploads/image/2023/01/16/d3bc30e1ee12a6f65816745c4c81c072.png


2. Anti-static shielding bag

①Open Top Bag                      

The open top bag is a bag with a flat opening. Its advantage is that the opening area is large, which is convenient for the product to enter the bag. Finally, it is sealed with a sealing machine. And the size of this bag can be made very large, and can hold larger items.

open top esd shielding bag       open top esd shielding bag

②Envelope Bag

The seal of the envelope bag is printed with self-adhesive, which is more convenient to use, and the packaging and unpacking are very simple.

esd envelope bag       esd envelope bag          

③Ziplock bag

There is a concave-convex bone on the seal of the ziplock bag, which can be automatically sealed by kneading. It is easy to open and close, and can be reused. However, this kind of bag is generally not very large, and it is not used to hold large products.

esd ziplock bag       esd ziplock bag        


④Three-dimensional bag

The three-dimensional bag is also called a square bag or a cuboid bag. The bottom is flat, and the four edges can make the packaging stand more steadily. The side of the package can be expanded to increase the inner volume of the package. It is suitable for pack three-dimensional products or square products.

ESD Three-dimensional Bag       ESD Three-dimensional Bag      

⑤Gusset bag

The gusset bag is improved from a open top bag. It folds the sides of the original flat bag inward, reducing the exposure of both sides, thereby reducing the space occupied by the packaging bag, and making the original flat bag three-dimensional, enhancing the aesthetics.

 ESD Gusset Bag       ESD Gusset Bag

Anti-static shielding bags have excellent anti-static, anti-radio frequency, waterproof steam penetration, anti-salt spray and other functions, and the material structure, size, bag type and printing pattern can be customized, which can meet various specific needs of high-tech electronic products for anti-static packaging. If you have related needs, you can contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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