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The Different Types of FIBC Bags
February Wed , 2023

At present, the new energy industry is in a stage of rapid development. At the same time, the good momentum of the new energy industry has also driven the development of the overall industrial chain, such as new energy packaging. For new energy packaging, reasonable utilization, space saving, and convenient transportation are all requirements for packaging. In order to meet these requirements, the bag type must first be improved. The improvement of the bag type is not only related to the contents, loading and unloading methods also it has a lot to do with the equipment it loads and unloads. 

▲1.Circular Bag

Due to the particular shape of the circular bag, it is generally used to hold liquid raw materials, and it is usually used with a plastic bucket or an iron bucket.

circular bag       circluar bag       

▲2.Square Bag

After filled with materials, the square bag can keep the original shape of the bag very well. It can be used with a woven cloth outer bag, which is convenient for loading, unloading and transportation of equipment.

Square Bag       Square FIBC Bag        

▲3. Conical Bag

The cone bag is improved mainly for easy loading and unloading of equipment. This bag type can better fit the equipment and then fill the material.

Cone FIBC Bag              conical bag

▲4.Shaped Bag

Shaped bags are a special type of bag, which are divided into spout top bag,spout bottom bag, spout top soput bottom bag,and some bags with special pocket shapes. These bags are usually used with special loading and unloading equipments, and can also be used with corresponding woven cloth outer bags.

Shaped FIBC Bag       Aluminum Ton Bag   

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