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How to Choose Anti-static Bags When Purchasing?
April Mon , 2023

With the application of electronic products more and more widely, anti-static bags have become an important packaging for protecting electronic products, and are widely used in various circuit boards, electronic products, precision machinery parts, consumer goods, industrial products and other products. So how to choose the anti-static bag that meet your needs best, pls follow us and analyze it together.

At present, there are many kinds of anti-static bags on the market, such as anti-static shielding bags, aluminum foil bags, vacuum bags, bubble bags, etc. It is too dizzying to choose. Starting from procurement requirements, the primary purpose is to protect the safety of products during transportation.

esd bubble mailer       esd shielding bagsaluminum foil bagsvacuum bags

Electronic products have their own sensitive components. During transportation, static electricity will accumulate due to friction, which will easily cause breakdown. Therefore, the withstand voltage value must be determined first. Generally, products sensitive to withstand voltage (recommended withstand voltage below 1000V) should use anti-static shielding bags or anti-static aluminum foil bags; for high-value products, such as IC chips and other high-precision products, it is recommended to use anti-static aluminum foil bag. Compared with the shielding bag, the aluminum foil layer is added to the material of the bag, so it has better strength and corrosion resistance, and can provide better sealing protection; for products such as low- and medium-value components, the use of conventional anti-static shielding bags can meet its protection in various storage and transportation environments.

 aluminum foil bag             esd bag

Products that are not sensitive to withstand voltage (recommended withstand voltage above 1000V) can be packaged in anti-static PE bags. Anti-static PE bags are mainly pink and blue. Compared with anti-static shielding bags or aluminum foil bags, the material strength of the PE bag is low, but it can also meet the general anti-static bag packaging requirements, and it is a relatively economical choice.

PE bag             pe bags

For products that require both anti-static and shock-proof cushioning, it is recommended to use anti-static bubble bags, which add bubble interlayers to conventional anti-static bags to improve the cushioning performance of the package, and are lower in cost than conventional electrostatic PE bags and aluminum foil bags. It is recommended that you comprehensively measure which kind of packaging is suitable according to your own cost space and needs.

shielding bubble bags         shielding bubble bags

After determining the specific anti-static bag, the quality needs to be tested next. In addition to the anti-static function required for the purchase of anti-static bags, the characteristics of airtightness, wear resistance, and tensile strength also need to be paid attention to. The following steps can be checked.

The first step, appearance visual inspection: Visually observe the flatness and transparency of the anti-static bag. Mainly check whether there are obvious scratches and pinholes on the surface of the anti-static bag, and whether there is pollution on the seal.

The second step, edge sealing inspection: Use a 20cm long, 5cm wide, and 0.8mm thick iron ruler that is smooth and burr-free to push the top of the sealing edge.If there is detachment, perforation or other conditions when pushed lightly, it indicates poor edge sealing strength; If the edge sealing remains in its original closed state, it indicates good sealing performance.

The third step is to check the composite bond strength: hold the anti-static bag in the center of the hand and rub it with both hands. If there are cracks, delamination etc., it indicates that the bond strength is poor, otherwise it indicates that the bond strength is high.

The above are common methods for judging the quality of anti-static bags. If there are professional equipment such as thickness gauges and tensile gauges, accurate testing can be carried out.

Finally, it is also very important to choose a reputable anti-static bag manufacturer, especially for buyers who do not know much about anti-static bags. First check the manufacturer's qualifications, certification and other related materials. Anti-static bags should have the three major certifications of ROHS, REACH, and MSDS to find out whether the manufacturer meets safety production standards and whether they have established a quality management system; Secondly, check the manufacturer's reputation through other channels, and choose an established manufacturer with good service, fast delivery, and long-term operation.

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