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Standards & Technical Requirements for Container Bags
April Mon , 2023

The emergence of the container bag makes the transportation of goods more convenient and safe, and FIBC bag is widely used in cement, food, chemical materials, feed, starch, minerals and other jumbo materials.Due to its large and heavy loading capacity, people pay particular attention to the quality of the bags.Therefore, the international market has its own strict standards for container bags. 

Industrial FIBC Packagings

China's container bag standard: the implementation of GB/T10454-2000, is modified on the old standard GB/T 10454-1989. China's container bag standard specifies the classification structure of the container bag, technical requirements and inspection requirements.This standard applies to container bags with a volume between (0.5-2.3) m3 and a load between (500-3000) kg.


Standards of other countries:

Japan: jisz1651-1988;

British : bs6382;

Australian: as3668-1989;

European : EN1898-2000 and EN277-1995 container design drawings;

European Container Bag Association : EFIBCA standard.

Among them, the Australian standard as3668-1989 refers to the British standard bs6382, which are relatively similar and focus on form;European standard EN1898-2000 and the European Container Bag Association standard EFIBCA, focusing on product performance and technical indicators, it’s more concise; Japanese standard jisz1651-1988 test items are similar to China's container bag standard GB/T10454-2000.


At present, Chinese bulk bags are mainly exported to Japan, South Korea, and even as far as the Middle East, Africa, the United States,Europe and other countries.The Middle East and Africa are mainly engaged in petroleum and cement, and there is a large demand for container bags, and conventionally prepared jumbo bags can meet their needs.Some industries, such as new energy vehicles use battery electrode powder, which have high requirements on the quality of container bags. For example, aluminum foil ton bags, conductive ton bags, anti-static ton bags can meet the special property requirements.

China's container bag standard GB/T10454-2000 stipulates the classification structure, technical requirements and inspection requirements. Among them, high-standard technical specifications ensure the quality of China's bulk bags. The specific technical requirements are as follows:

▲ Size

● Round container bag and Square container bag: the diameter is between (800-1300) mm, and the volume is between (0.5-2.3) m3.

▲Structural Technical Requirements

● The strength of the waistband should reach more than two times the strength of the base fabric.

● The waistband must be sewn on the outside of the sling to increase the strength of the sling .

● Bags with side seams must be sewn under any sling, to increase the strength of the side seams.


▲ Sewing technology requirements

● The tensile strength of the side seam must reach more than 67% of the strength of the base fabric.

● The tensile strength of the bottom seam must reach more than 42% of the strength of the base fabric.

● The sewing is required to be straight, with no broken and floating thread , no hanging stitch, and no less than three stitches at the starting and dropping positions.

● The length of the suspenders should be equal, and the seams should be even and straight.

● The container bags are required to be straight, with no obvious size problems, no obvious defects, no obvious stains on the surface, clear printed patterns on the bag body, and accurate positions.

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