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Why Anti-Static Shielding Bags Not Anti-Static PE Bags As for Electronic Components Packaging?
June Mon , 2023

Sometimes, you have already used anti-static bags to package electronic products, but the products are still damaged and can not be used after customers receipt, why? 

One of the reasons may be your wrong choice of anti-static PE bags. We know that anti-static PE bags can effectively reduce the occurrence of static electricity generation and build-up in the bag, thereby avoiding electrostatic discharge damage to electronic components, but what if the static electricity comes from the outside?

Static electricity is a very common physical phenomenon, in the daily manufacturing, packaging and transportation process will generate static electricity, for example: handling machines with static electricity, loading and unloading workers with static electricity on the body ... These may cause electrostatic interference and damage to electronic components and other electrostatic sensitive products.

PE bags made of LDPE and LLDPE blow molding, adding anti-static agent to produce anti-static effect, can effectively prevent the generation of static electricity between the product and the packaging, but can not shield the external ESD. its anti-static ability is not enough to protect sensitive electronic components, it is likely to be destroyed by external electrostatic breakdown. 

So how to shield the external electrostatic interference and discharge damage? Usually, we can use anti-static shielding bags.

Anti-static shielding bags are mainly composed of APET/CPP, APET/CPE. Its unique multi-layer structure to form an "induction shield" effect to protect the bag items and electrostatic field isolation,

 and thus has a good anti-static, electrostatic shielding performance. Can effectively shield the external electromagnetic wave radiation and interference, to protect electronic components from 

the external environment, thereby improving its reliability and stability.

We can see that anti-static PE bags and anti-static shielding bags are very different, the general products, such as ordinary electronic products, computer accessories, etc., choose anti-static PE bags on the line. And static-sensitive high-tech electronic products, such as PCB, PCBA, IC, precision electronics, optical components, etc., it is necessary to choose anti-static shielding bags. Once these electronic components are electrostatic interference and damage, not only will affect its performance and reliability, but also may lead to the failure of the entire electronic equipment. Especially for some high-end electronic components, their cost is very high, once damaged by static electricity, will not only cause economic losses, but also affect the reputation of enterprises and customer trust.

XCGS has five major production bases and eight factories, focusing on anti-static and new energy packaging in high-tech fields such as chips and semiconductors, and transportation and biodegradable packaging in the field of e-commerce logistics. We have 300+ production lines and more than 20 years of packaging experience. Large scale, high quality, short delivery time, and can be customized according to customer needs. If you have related needs, you can contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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