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How To Distinguish Aluminum Foil Bags From Aluminium Plated Bags?
June Mon , 2023

Nowadays, there are many types of bags, and it is very easy to confuse aluminum foil bags and aluminium plated bags in the bag order. Although there is only a word difference, but in fact they are two completely different kinds of bags.

So what is the difference between aluminum foil bags and aluminized bags? XCGS summarizes the following points for you:

1.Different material: aluminum foil bags and aluminized bags, although the raw materials have metal aluminum, but aluminum foil bags are made of a variety of plastic film and pure 

aluminum composite. And aluminized bags are in the high-temperature vacuum state, the metal aluminum evenly coated on the surface of the plastic film.

2.Different cost: aluminum foil bags used more metal aluminum than aluminized bags, so the production cost of aluminum foil bags than the production cost of aluminum-plated bags.

3.Different performance: aluminum foil bags are metal aluminum and other materials composite, so it has a good barrier, sealing, light, high and low temperature resistance, corrosion 

resistance, softness and other characteristics. And aluminized bags are just metal aluminum coated in other materials, only to play the role of shading and decoration, there is not much 

to enhance the role of other performance.

4.Different applications: aluminum foil bags can be vacuumed, can add anti-static liquid, suitable for electrostatic sensitive and moisture-proof requirements of electronic components, 

precision mechanical equipment, chemical materials, photoelectricity, route board and other products. And aluminized bags are suitable for packaging electronic components, powder, 

tea, cosmetics and other products.

Then how to distinguish between aluminum foil bags and aluminized bags? The following 4 methods are convenient for quick judgment:

1.Look: Look through the strong light in the bag, opaque is aluminum foil bags, translucent is aluminized bags. Aluminum foil bag appearance is silver-white, anti-gloss, but less reflective 

than the aluminum-plated bags, aluminum-plated bags can illuminate the human shadow.

2.Feel: Aluminum foil bags feel thick, hard and heavy, aluminum-plated bags feel lighter and softer than aluminum foil bags.

3.Rub: The bag will be rubbed and then unfolded, aluminum foil bags will generally appear broken, and there will be a very obvious crease. And aluminum foil bags will automatically 

rebound, will not appear too obvious creases.

4.Fire: Aluminum foil bags are not easy to ignite, when the aluminum foil bags in contact with the flame will appear aluminum layer back to the volume of the phenomenon, and burning 

will leave gray aluminum slag. Aluminized bags can be ignited, will not leave aluminum slag.

Aluminum foil bags and aluminized bags are different and they are suitable for different products, choose the right one is the most important. Contact us if you have needs, we'll be happy 

to help you choose the suitable esd bags for your products.

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