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Why Is There A Big Difference In The Price Of Container Bag?
July Mon , 2023

As a popular environmentally friendly transportation packaging products, Container Bags are increasingly accepted by consumers. However, there are many manufacturers of container bags on 

the market at present, and the price gap of the same size bag is large, ranging from tens of dollars to more than ten dollars, which makes consumers feel confused when shopping. Next, we will 

explore the price of the container bag why there is such a big gap.

Firstly, the Bag Type. Container bags are mainly square, round, shaped and so on. Square bags are surrounded by four independent side pieces, filled with materials, the ability to maintain the 

original shape of the bag is stronger. Round bags consist of a complete tube of fabric that is molded in one piece. Profiled bags consist of a large U-shaped piece and two side pieces and are 

more flexible in size. The price depends mainly on the amount of material used for the bag type. Under the same size, square bags use more material area than round and shaped, and better 

load bearing, so the price is relatively higher.

ton bag type

Secondly, Detail Design. Such as material opening, slings, straps and so on. The original container bag is usually an open bag, one-time use, when loading the material needs to be lifted by a forklift, scratch the bottom of the bag for unloading. Modern container bags are designed with top and bottom spouts to facilitate loading and unloading. This design makes loading and unloading easier and therefore relatively expensive.

The number of slings of a container bag is usually two, three or four, and the length of the sling is of different types such as side sling, half sling, bottom sling and bottom pocket, and the thickness of the sling can also be customized. The design of slings is mainly based on the customer's load bearing requirements and lifting methods. The number of straps of the container bag 

has one, two, three, etc. High quality container bag will also be designed to reinforce the straps at the edge of the closure to enhance the edge tension and improve the overall load bearing capacity. The overall price of the container bag is affected by the sling, belt, depending on the amount of material, the more material, the stronger its carrying capacity, the price is correspondingly higher.

ton bag dsign

Finally, the Material. Container bags are usually made of polypropylene or polyethylene as the main raw material into woven tonnage bags, the use of three or four layers of material composite aluminum foil tonnage bags. Full aluminum foil inner bag with woven cloth outer bag, constitute a certain function of the load-bearing composite packaging, widely used in the chemical industry and other industries. However, there are some manufacturers in the market who use inferior or second-hand bags as raw materials to manufacture bags. At this point, in addition to considering the price, you also need to choose according to the properties of the items in the bag. For example, used to load high-end chemical products of the bag requirements of high quality, can not be broken resulting in chemical leakage; used to load mineral powder products of the bag on the dust requirements are not high, just need to keep clean; and used to load the waste of the bag is only required to be able to load the material, the load-bearing does not have strict requirements. These will affect the price of the bag.

ton bagton bag

In summary, the price of the container bag is affected by multiple factors. When choosing a container bag, we suggest that consumers should not only pay attention to the price, but also consider its weight, degree of aging resistance, the number of times it can be reused and other properties, as well as the quality and service of the manufacturers who provide the service.

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