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High Standard Specifications to Guarantee Product Quality: the Power of Industrial Packaging!
July Mon , 2023

Compared to life packaging, industrial packaging needs to meet higher regulatory standards to ensure product quality and safety. XCGS tells you how packaging manufacturers ensure high quality of industrial packaging bags.

Unique Packing Method>>>

Different from the simple packing in our traditional cognition, this kind of packing exclusively exists for XCGS's anti-static packing.

The main role of anti-static packaging is to protect sensitive electronic parts from static electricity, humidity, dust and other environmental impacts, so the anti-static packaging bag itself should be avoided from these environmental impacts first.

In order to provide perfect protection for the anti-static packaging, Centron adopts the unique characteristics of packaging: PE bag/shielding bag, anti-static aluminum foil film and cardboard boxes combined with multi-layer packaging to ensure that the anti-static bags from the production line to the delivery of the customer's hands to the stability of the anti-static properties to provide safer protection to the customer's electronic components installed products.

packing method

Professional and Meticulous Packing Method>>>

As a professional manufacturer of anti-static bags, how to provide better protection for our customers' products is always a question we have to think about. The following is our complete packing process:

① Quality check: Check the products and stack them neatly.

quality check

② Sorting: The products are sorted into shielded bags, which are moisture-proof and easy for customers to count and spot-check.


③ Cartoning: Small packages into cartons and stacked neatly.


④ Anti-static protection: Details out of the real chapter, neat and clean sub-package, folding meticulous aluminum foil, meticulous packing details have been praised by customers. The outermost aluminum foil package also gives the anti-static packaging to play the last layer of dust and moisture protection.


⑤ Inventory: Securely stack the products neatly in a dedicated storage room.


⑥ Shipping: The products are shipped out of the warehouse, and delivered to the customers by XCGS Logistics personnel in a stable manner, which is committed to bringing the customers an undamaged and meticulous experience of receiving the goods.


Pursuing customer satisfaction is the responsibility of every XCGS person! Enhancing customer service experience from the smallest detail is the embodiment of the service values that XCGS is always practicing, and it is also the direction that XCGS has been striving for.

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