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XCGS Group - An Integrated Packaging Solution Manufacturer!
August Mon , 2023

Products meet human needs, packaging enhance the product grade. Since its establishment in 1999, XCGS has been promoting the development of China's packaging industry with excellent products.

With the power of science and technology, XCGS carefully researches and develops every kind of packaging, including: Anti-static packaging, FIBC packaging, e-commerce express packaging, energy-saving thermal insulation materials, and fully degradable environmental protection packaging, to meet the market demand for packaging in all aspects.

1. Anti-static Packaging

Static electricity is everywhere, anti-static bag can maximize the protection of static-sensitive components from potential static electricity, moisture, dust and other hazards, anti-static bag has been widely used in the electronics industry. XCGS's anti-static packaging series covers almost all the packaging products required by the anti-static industry, and can quickly respond to the anti-static packaging market demand.

ESD packaging

XCGS anti-static packaging is widely used in food, medical, electric power, chemical, communication, PCBA, CHIPIC, optical packaging, etc. With complete certificates such as SGS, REACH, ROHS, etc., we have become an excellent supplier for more than 30 Fortune 500 companies.

2. FIBC Packaging

New energy and industrial products are loaded with large volume and weight, in order to solve the demand of containerized transportation of raw materials, XCGS is involved in the research and development and production of tonnage bags and heavy bags. It has the features of small footprint, light weight and large loading capacity to replace the traditional container. It can also realize the functions of strong barrier corrosion resistance, high strength puncture resistance, heat insulation and oxygen barrier, waterproof and moisture-proof, anti-static, etc., which can satisfy the needs of all kinds of customers for chemical intermodal transportation and packaging.

FIBC Packaging

XCGS FIBC packaging has MSDS, REACH, ROHS certification, widely used in chemical, building materials, plastics, minerals, and other types of powder, granular, block goods packaging.

3. Express Packaging

In the past five years, the number of express delivery in China has been growing rapidly, and XCGS's e-commerce courier packaging protects the products in transportation. Personalized appearance, high protection level, loved by the public, making the XCGS e-commerce courier packaging can be seen everywhere.

express packaging

XCGS E-commerce Express Packaging has a rich product line, providing one-stop service from material research and development, product design to production, warehousing, and distribution at the nearest logistics point, and has become the choice of many e-commerce platforms, famous clothing brands, and express logistics companies.

4. Heat Insulation Packaging

In order to practice energy saving and emission reduction, low-carbon environmental protection, energy-saving thermal insulation packaging is essential. XCGS energy-saving heat preservation materials have contributed to the fireproof and heat insulation of housing pipes in the construction industry, the heat preservation and cold preservation of food in the catering industry, the safe use of precision instruments in the manufacturing industry, and the construction of thermoelectricity industry.

XCGS energy-saving thermal insulation packaging obtained the domestic invention patent in 2009, and passed the highest level test of fireproof performance by AWTA, an authoritative organization in Australia, in 2013.

5. Full-biodegradable Packaging

Adhering to the corporate mission of "Promoting environmental awareness and making environmentally friendly packaging ubiquitous", XCGS is actively popularizing the concept of full biodegradation and is committed to bringing full biodegradable material products to everyone, contributing to the green ecological environment around the world.

XCGS's self-developed fully bio-environmental packaging can be decomposed within 3 months and is widely used in industry, agriculture and service industry. It has passed many international authoritative certificates such as EN13432, US BPI, Australia AS4736, Mexico FSC, etc.

Each product of XCGS is permeated with the pursuit of quality, each design is integrated into the customization of customers, and each innovation reflects the forward-looking thinking for the future, XCGS focuses on providing customers with integrated packaging solutions.

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