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In The Event of A Fire, This Material Fights for Your Survival.
August Mon , 2023

With the development of the global economy, the energy crisis is becoming more and more serious. As the building energy saving in the most important technology - Wall Insulation Technology 

in China has been applied to the development of more than thirty years, especially around the energy-saving design standards pushed, building wall energy saving insulation more qualitative leap.

But behind the rapid development, insulation material fire and other accidents occur frequently. It makes us reflect, are we really using the right insulation?

The picture shows the fire incident of Changsha Telecom Building on September 16, 2022, according to the witnesses, the fire first started in the podium on the 4th floor or 5th floor, which ignited the insulation material of the outer wall and then quickly spread to the whole outer wall within 10 minutes.

XCGS hopes that by popularizing the knowledge of building insulation materials, more people will understand building insulation and pay attention to insulation materials.

Classification of insulation materials

In China, according to "GB8624-2012 building materials and products combustion performance classification" insulation materials are mainly divided into three levels: class A, B1, B2 and B3. Class A is a non-combustible material, belongs to the inorganic thermal insulation materials, in the case of fire can effectively block the fire spread, to save lives for precious time. Class B insulation materials are divided into three levels, B1 is flame-retardant, B2 is combustible, B3 is flammable.

B1 level: More common, such as after special treatment with a flame retardant EPS / XPS insulation board.

B2 level: Combustible insulation materials, mostly EPS expanded polystyrene foam insulation board and XPS extruded plastic board, which is often referred to as Pu board. This material has a low ignition point and releases a large amount of harmful gases during the combustion process.

B3 level: Combustible insulation materials, mostly polystyrene foam-based insulation materials, because this material is extremely easy to burn, is now eliminated from the exterior wall insulation materials.

Common types of wall insulation

External Wall Insulation: It is to install the insulation layer on the external surface of the external wall, which consists of insulation layer, protection layer and fixing material. (Used for external wall insulation system should be A or B1 level)

Advantages: High thermal performance, good thermal insulation effect, low comprehensive investment. Wide scope of application: not only for new construction, but also for the transformation of old buildings. The thermal insulation layer is wrapped around the outside of the main structure, which can protect the main structure and prolong the life of the building. Basic elimination of the impact of thermal (cold) bridge, while eliminating condensation and mold phenomenon, improve the comfort of living.

Disadvantages: Because of the insulation layer on the outside of the wall, the environment is harsh, the insulation system of a variety of material requirements are more stringent; materials required to support and good compatibility with each other; weathering and durability of the thermal insulation system put forward high requirements; construction is difficult, requiring a better construction team and technical support.

XCGS Exterior Wall Insulation Project

Internal insulation of external wall: It is to add the insulation layer inside the external wall structure.

Advantages: Because the insulation layer is on the inside, the surface temperature inside the wall drops rapidly with the air temperature in the evening in summer, reducing the stuffy feeling. Convenient construction, relatively low cost, less affected by wind and rain.

Disadvantages: It is difficult to avoid thermal (cold) bridge, so that the thermal insulation performance has decreased, in the thermal bridge parts of the inner surface of the wall is prone to condensation, moisture and even mold phenomenon. Secondly, it occupies space, the use area is reduced, and the user's second renovation or additional hanging facilities will cause damage to the thermal insulation layer, it is not easy to repair.

XCGS Wall Internal Insulation Project

XCGS building thermal insulation material using composite sandwich structure design, internal and external surface layer are aluminum foil multilayer composite materials, the middle layer of PE polyethylene air bubble/XPE foam, this design makes the product has a very good fire prevention and thermal insulation and heat preservation efficacy.

At present, there are many varieties of thermal insulation materials used in China's buildings, XCGS Energy Saving Insulation Packaging obtained China's invention patent in 2009, and passed the highest level test of fire performance of Australia's authority AWTA in 2013, which is recognized as the ideal material for fireproof and thermal insulation both at home and abroad. Different manufacturers due to production experience, technical equipment and other factors, resulting in uneven quality, some unqualified products and counterfeit products into the market, laying a safety hazard. Therefore, when we choose the insulation material, we should trust the brand, pay attention to the quality, and put an end to substandard products.


With more than 20 years of cultivation, XCGS has served more than 30 excellent suppliers of the world's top 500 companies, and has been practicing its commitment to green development with its actions. In the future, XCGS will also consistently contribute to energy saving and environmental protection, residents' safety and comfort. 

Lastly, we can never predict the arrival of disasters, nor can we ever predict the length of life. All we can do is to protect ourselves with better resources.

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