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How To Use Home Insulation To Block The Heat Invasion On A Hot Summer Day?
August Mon , 2023

Insulation for buildings is a material used to reduce the flow of heat energy. Installing insulation allows buildings to use less energy for cooling and occupants to experience fewer thermal changes. Retrofitting buildings with insulation is an important climate change mitigation strategy.

In 1860, French scientist Jean Claude Eugene Peclet experimented with the insulating effects of high and low emissivity metals facing airspace.Peclet experimented with a wide range of metals from tin to cast iron and concluded that neither color nor visual reflectance were important determinants of a material's performance.Peclet calculated BTU reductions for high and low emissivity surfaces facing different airspaces and found benefits in reducing heat transfer. Peclet calculated BTU reductions for high-radiant and low-radiant surfaces oriented to different air spaces and discovered the benefits of radiant barriers in reducing heat transfer.

In 1925, two German businessmen, Schmidt and Dykerhoff, patented reflective surfaces for use as building insulation, as recent technological advances had made low-emissivity aluminum foil commercially viable. This became the launching pad for radiant barriers and reflective insulation around the world, and over the next 15 years, millions of square feet of radiant barriers were installed in the United States alone.30 Within 30 years, radiant barriers were gaining notoriety and were incorporated into projects at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Princeton University, and Frank Sinatra's residence in Palm Springs, California.

It is this radiation barrier technology that XCGS Thermal Insulation Materials uses, adopting a composite sandwich structure design, where both the inner and outer surface layers are aluminum foil multilayer composite materials, and the middle layer is PE polyethylene air bladder bubble/XPE foam. This design makes the product with superior barrier performance, good moisture-proof and heat preservation, good insulation, heat reflection and heat insulation function. Even if heat passes through the inner aluminum foil layer to reach the middle PE airbag layer, heat convection will be formed in the middle layer, and it is not easy to penetrate the outermost aluminum foil layer, so as to achieve the effect of heat preservation.

xcgs heat insulation material

Insulation materials play an important role in the building shell and are quite necessary to achieve thermal comfort for the occupants of the house. Approximately 40% of building energy consumption is consumed for HVAC heat or cooling indoor air. Adequate insulation helps ensure a healthy indoor environment and prevents structural damage. It is also a key factor in dealing with high energy consumption by reducing the amount of heat that passes through the building envelope. Good thermal insulation can also provide the following benefits to a building:

1. Prevent structural damage to the building caused by condensation inside the building shell. Insulation ensures that the surface temperature of a room does not fall below a critical temperature, thus preventing condensation and mold formation. According to building damage reports, 12.7% and 14% of building damage is caused by mold problems. If there is not enough insulation in a building, the high relative humidity inside the building will lead to condensation and eventually mold.

2. Provide a comfortable thermal environment for people living in the building. Good insulation can make the inside of the building have a high enough temperature in winter, and the same level of thermal comfort can be achieved by providing relatively low air temperatures in summer. 

XCGS's new environmentally friendly thermal insulation materials have been used in many projects at home and abroad, such as roofs, external walls, etc., realizing that both residential projects and public buildings are constantly fulfilling the concept of people-oriented, and escorting the physical and mental health of users.

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