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Packaging Factory Reveal The Truth About Anti-static Bags For You
September Mon , 2023

With the increasing popularity of electronic products, the demand for anti-static bags is growing rapidly. However, there are many different opinions about anti-static bags on the Internet, which makes customers confused. Star Packaging with more than 20 years of industry accumulation, for the customer common false rumors for some answers(just for your reference):

Rumor 1: Anti-static bags can only be used to protect electronic products.

XCGS: Anti-static bags are made of anti-static substances, mainly to protect the products inside the bag from static interference and damage. Therefore, anti-static bags are not only used to 

protect electronic products, but also used to protect other items susceptible to static electricity, such as paper products, plastic products, chemical products and so on. Nowadays it has also 

been widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries.

Rumor 2: Anti-static bags are disposable products.

XCGS: Although anti-static bags are usually made of plastic materials, they are reusable. As long as they are not broken, contaminated, aged, etc., and they have good anti-static properties, 

they can be reused all the time.

Rumor 3: Anti-static bags are used like normal bags.

XCGS: When you receive a product sealed in an anti-static bag, do not open it directly to take out the product like a normal bag. Be sure to place the closed bag on an anti-static workbench 

and then remove the product by wearing anti-static clothing and anti-static gloves. This helps to eliminate any charge that may have built up on the surface of the bag.

Rumor 4: As long as an anti-static bag is used, it will completely prevent static electricity from being generated.

XCGS: Anti-static bags can effectively reduce the generation of static electricity inside the bag and the occurrence of agglomeration, but completely prevent the generation of static electricity 

is impossible. Static electricity may also come from the outside, in order to avoid external electromagnetic radiation and interference, can be in the anti-static bag to choose anti-static shielding 

bag. In addition, in order to better control static electricity, but also need to take other measures, such as controlling environmental humidity, the use of static electricity eliminator.

Rumor 5: Anti-static bag testing only requires the measurement of surface resistance.

XCGS: Surface resistance and friction initiation are not actually intrinsically related, the evaluation of friction initiation during practical application must be added. Frictional charging depends 

on the two substances or objects interacting!

Tip: Anti-static materials must be measured under standard temperature and humidity conditions when testing. Because most of the performance of anti-static materials and temperature and 

humidity have a very strong relationship.

Rumor 6: Anti-static bags are not as strong as ordinary bags.

XCGS: Anti-static bags are different from ordinary bags, but they are not weaker than ordinary bags. Anti-static bags need to withstand a variety of challenges during transportation and storage, 

and typically have better resistance to abrasion and tearing. In addition, anti-static bags also have better moisture, dust and UV protection, which facilitates better product protection.

XCGS has been specializing in anti-static packaging bags for more than 20 years, with a complete range of products, which can meet the resistance of 10^3-10^11 Ω. If you have any related 

questions, you can consult us, we will be happy to serve you!

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