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Can ESD AI foil bags be vacuumed?
October Mon , 2023

In recent years, anti-static shielding aluminum foil bag is widely used in electronics, chemical, medical, food and other fields because of its moisture-proof, anti-static, electromagnetic interference discharge three major functions, loved by the public. But recently, I actually was asked by the customer, anti-static aluminum foil bag can vacuum?

The material of anti-static aluminum foil pouches usually has three or four layers structure: PET/AL/CPE or PET/AL/NY/CPE.

PET: polyester film, high strength, good transparency, non-toxic, impermeable, light weight.
AL: Aluminum foil, good reflective properties, can reflect visible light, good tinting properties, can also reflect ultraviolet rays, used in packaging materials are usually aluminum foil film rolls.
NY: Nylon, increase physical strength, puncture resistance, tensile properties.
CPE: chlorinated polyethylene, chemical stability, aging resistance, flame resistance, cold resistance, weather resistance, free coloring, chemical resistance, ozone resistance and electrical insulation, as well as good compatibility and processability.

Anti-static aluminum foil bag if you need to vacuum, usually use four-layer anti-static aluminum foil bag, because it adds a layer of nylon film, the vacuum effect will be better than three-layer.

Anti-static aluminum foil vacuum bags are actually a common type of bag that is widely used because of its many advantages.

1. Strong anti-tearing and pressure resistance performance
Anti-static aluminum foil vacuum bag inside the polymer material, has good tear resistance and pressure resistance, can effectively protect the products inside the bag from being damaged. It is especially important for some fragile products, such as glass products, electronic components and so on.

2. Moisture and oxidation resistance and good freshness performance
Antistatic aluminum foil vacuum bag will be all the air inside the bag out of the seal, maintain the aluminum foil bag bag in a highly decompressed state, the air is scarce equivalent to the effect of low oxygen, so that microorganisms do not have the conditions for survival, in order to achieve moisture-proof, antioxidant and preservation of freshness, which can effectively prolong the shelf life of electronics, pharmaceuticals, food and so on, so that it is more safe and reliable.

3. Good heat insulation performance
The outer layer of anti-static aluminum foil vacuum bag is aluminum foil, which has good heat insulation performance, can reduce the influence of the external temperature, and maintain the stability of the temperature inside the bag. This is very important for products that need to maintain a certain temperature, such as equipment, medicines, food and so on.

4. Strong compression resistance
Anti-static aluminum foil vacuum bag adopts vacuum sealing technology, which can completely extract the air inside the bag and seal it, so that the space inside the bag becomes smaller and wrapped in all-round, thus it is good in protection, strong in defense and strong in pressure resistance. General aluminum foil vacuum bags are designed with zipper sealing or heat sealing for the convenience of users.

These advantages make anti-static aluminum foil vacuum bag widely used in electronic products, medicine, food, cosmetics and other fields. However, when we use anti-static aluminum foil vacuum bag, we also need to use reasonably, so as not to break the performance of anti-static aluminum foil vacuum bag.

First, we use anti-static aluminum foil vacuum bag for vacuum must not let the sharp objects scrape, if the items are sharp places, please be sure to deal with before putting, try to avoid the phenomenon of breaking the bag, we also need to pay attention to the following storage location when storing anti-static aluminum foil vacuum bag there is no sharp objects to ensure that the bag is intact.

Second, the items should be placed in the bag as far as possible, at least 3-5 cm from the sealing zipper, large items can not be forced into.

Third, to ensure that the anti-static aluminum foil vacuum bag sealing zipper part of the clean, if there are fibers, dust into, will reduce the sealing performance, it is recommended to use water-soaked gauze to wipe clean before closing the zipper. After closing the zipper, please use your hand to hold the slide in the seal back and forth a few times to ensure that the seal of the two bands completely buckle into the groove to ensure that the sealing effect.

Most of the customers who choose anti-static aluminum foil vacuum bag are to ensure the safety and reliability of the products in the bag. Then we need to pay attention to the choice of material, specifications, sealing method and other factors when purchasing, and need to be comprehensively considered from the supplier's reputation, production process, quality control and other aspects. If you have any questions, please consult us, XCGS focuses on anti-static packaging for more than 20 years, only for your product protection.

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