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Ton / FIBC bag FAQ
October Tue , 2023

In recent years, Star constantly through a variety of media to all walks of life businessmen popularize the knowledge of packaging materials, but I check the background found that we still have some questions about the ton bag (container bag).

"What are the sizes of tonnage bags?"
"Can tonnage bags be stored outdoors?"
"What is a U-shaped panel bag?"
"What is a four-panel bag?"

A variety of basic questions so that I found that the road to the popularization of the tonnage bag is still a long way to go. Today directly on the hard goods, a one-time answer for everyone!

What kinds of tonnage bags, made of what material?

·Aluminum-plastic composite ton bag
Also known as aluminum foil tonnage bag, generally made of three or four layers of composite material made of full aluminum foil inner bag, with woven cloth outer bag, constituting a certain function of the load-bearing composite packaging.

·Woven Fabric Ton Bag
Woven fabric tonnage bag, a medium-sized bulk container, is the most common container bag. Polypropylene as the main raw material, add a small amount of stability of the auxiliary materials evenly mixed, heated melt extrusion of plastic film, cut into silk, and then stretching, through heat-setting made of high strength low elongation of the PP filament, and then textile, coating made of plastic woven fabric base cloth, and slings and other accessories sewn together to make the tonnage bag.

·Anti-static / conductive tonnage bag
Conductive tonnage bag, is in the wire weaving of conductive wire woven in the bag body fabric and sling, and combined with the use of conductive film, through the conductive wire grounding the conductive effect. Effectively remove the static electricity generated during loading and unloading, preventing dangerous situations such as combustion and explosion.

·PE Ton Bag
Made of multi-layer co-extruded PE, soft to the touch, lower cost, widely used because of excellent low temperature heat sealability.

What are the sizes of tonnage bags?
Ton Bags are available in many different sizes and styles and can be customized to almost any possible 3-dimensional size for your product. There are limitations on size, but the standard tonneau bag bottom dimension is 35" x 35", while the tonneau bag height can be up to 96" plus inches high. Again, the size and dimensions of the tonneau bag depend on the customer's safety, functionality, and usability.

Can tonneau bags be stored outside? If so, how long does it take?
Yes, but tonneau bags will degrade due to UV exposure. Standard tonneau bags have UV inhibitors added to the fabric during the manufacturing process. Manufacturers add enough UV inhibitors to resist UV light for approximately 1600 hours. Although this depends on where the actual bag is located and the weather conditions (sometimes extreme) that can occur in the area. The intensity and degree of UV light varies in different parts of the world. For this reason, it is not recommended that tonneau bags be stored outdoors.

What are some common styles of tonneau bags?
There are many common tonneau bags on the market. The most common tonneau bags are constructed in a U-shaped panel or round configuration and may contain a simple PE liner or no liner at all. Much of the reference to tonneau bags relates to their construction, i.e., 4-panel, U-panel, round, or its application, such as B-bags or baffle bags.
What is a U-Panel bag?
U-Panel bags require 2 seams along 2 opposite sides to form 2 panels and a "U" panel shape. This style of tonnage bag has become the industry standard in the United States.

What are round/tubular bags?
A round bag is made from fabric woven on a circular loom. The fabric is woven into a continuous fabric tube and then cut to the correct dimensional height. The tubular body design is perfect for unlined options for fine materials. It is also an excellent alternative to the original four panel bag construction. Capacity up to 4000 lbs.

What is a four panel bag?
The four panel bag is the original polypropylene design. This design entails stitching along four separate pieces of fabric to create a four panel bag. Capacity up to 4400 lbs.

What is a baffle bag? What is a baffle?
Baffles are pieces of fabric sewn to the inside corners of a bag to maintain its cube shape after filling. Baffles have holes in them to allow product to flow freely through. Baffles also prevent the bag from bulging out, thus keeping the bag upright, which allows the bag to utilize space more efficiently. Mesh and tie baffles are another type of baffle option that is not as common.

What is an "A" bag?
An "A" bag is made of untreated insulating fabric. There are no requirements for Type "A" tonne bags as they are not suitable for use in potentially explosive environments. There is no static protection.
Safe for transportation of non-flammable products.
No flammable solvents or gases should be present around the bag.
Do not use to transport flammable products.

What are "B" bags?
Type "B" bags are made of insulating fabrics, but with a breakdown voltage of less than 6 kV, which prevents the risk of high-energy propagation of brush discharges, which can ignite dust-air mixtures. Type "B" bags can be used in the presence of combustible dusts with a MIE greater than 3mj, but without the presence of flammable vapors. Low breakdown voltage.
◎ Safe for transportation of dry, flammable powders.
No flammable solvents or gases should be present in the vicinity of the bag.
Do not use to transport flammable products.

What is a "C" bag?
A "C" bag consists of a fabric with interconnecting conductive threads. The bag must be grounded during filling and emptying.
◎ Safe for transportation of flammable powders.
◎ Safe to use when flammable solvents or gases are present around the bag.
Do not use when the ground connection is not present or is damaged.

What is a "D" bag?
A "D" bag is made of an anti-static fabric containing a static dissipative. This type of tonnage bag does not require grounding.
◎ Safe for transportation of flammable powders.
◎Safe for use when flammable solvents or gases are present around the bag.

There are so many tonnage bags on the market, how to choose?
If you are shipping all kinds of industrial and chemical raw materials in the form of powder and granules, such as graphite electrode powder, modified particles, etc., it is recommended to choose aluminum-plastic composite tonnage bags; if you are shipping non-flammable items, such as ores, cement sand and gravel, feed and other powdery, granular objects, it is recommended to choose woven fabric tonnage bags; if you are shipping hazardous items such as chemicals and pharmaceuticals, it is recommended to choose anti-static/conductive tonnage bags.

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