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Why should large mechanical equipment packaging choose anti-static aluminum foil bag
November Wed , 2023

We all know that equipment packaging and transportation, moisture-proof, anti-static is the first place. Especially do import and export companies, they export to foreign countries will mostly go by sea, that is not just need moisture-proof anti-static. In the process of sea transportation, vulnerable to the ocean's harsh atmospheric environment of high salt spray, high humidity and heat and salt and alkali erosion of seawater, leading to rust and corrosion of metal products, resulting in incalculable losses of products.

At this time the external packaging of the equipment is crucial, generally use anti-static aluminum foil bag for packaging, this is why?

Let's take a look at the material of anti-static aluminum foil pouches!


Anti-static aluminum foil pouches usually have three-layer or four-layer structure: PET/AL/CPE or PET/AL/NY/CPE.

PET: polyester film, high strength, good transparency, non-toxic, impermeable, light weight.AL: Aluminum foil, good reflective properties, can reflect visible light, good tinting properties, can also reflect ultraviolet rays, used in packaging materials are usually aluminum foil film roll material.
NY: Nylon, increase physical strength, puncture resistance, tensile properties.
CPE: chlorinated polyethylene, chemical stability, aging resistance, flame resistance, cold resistance, weather resistance, free coloring, chemical resistance, ozone resistance and electrical insulation, as well as good compatibility and processability.

The anti-static aluminum foil bag adopts multi-layer structure composite and thus has good moisture-proof, anti-static, high barrier, light-blocking, corrosion-resistant, high and low temperature-resistant, salt spray-proof and other characteristics, so it has become the first choice of packaging for export equipment.

Secondly, let's take a look at the style of anti-static aluminum foil bag!

①Anti-static aluminum foil bag can be designed according to the size of the wooden box, mechanical equipment, the size of the bag, can be arbitrarily spliced
can be spliced and heat-sealed at will, without any limitation of size and shape. Can be used for packaging large machinery, machines, molds, etc., can also be used as a box liner bag.

② can be customized into different styles of bags, flat pockets, self-sealing pockets, three-dimensional bags, envelope bags,
Organ bags and other styles.
③The thickness can be customized, usually in 0.075mm~0.22mm.
④Products are in line with national anti-static industry standards and RoHS, REACH standards and tested by GB and ASTM standards.
The products comply with the national anti-static industry standards and RoHS, REACH standards and are tested by GB and ASTM standards, which are in line with the most stringent environmental protection standards for packaging materials in EU and North America.

Not subject to size limitations is the unique characteristics of anti-static aluminum foil bags, most bags have a maximum value, can not meet the packaging size of large equipment.


Finally, let's take a look at the function of anti-static aluminum foil bag!Anti-static aluminum foil bag can realize vacuum because of its increased layer of nylon film, puncture resistance, stretching performance, and good vacuum effect. Vacuum packaging has a good waterproof, gas-blocking moisture-proof function, which can effectively prevent the surface of the equipment from oxidizing and rusting, paint flaking and so on.


Anti-static aluminum foil bags are preferred for large machinery and equipment packaging, do you see? Because of its anti-stati

c, moisture-proof, large volume, can be vacuumed and other characteristics of other packaging bags can not be satisfied at the same time.Star focuses on anti-static packaging for more than 20 years, only to provide you with the most suitable packaging for your products, if you have any questions, please consult us.

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